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Well. It has been a while since I posted.  Nothing new there I suppose.

So, living in Tijeras New Mexico just outside of Albuquerque.  What’s it like to live in the “East Mountains” as the locals call it? Up in the Sandia Mountains?

Well, to start with. The water on Rincon loop is infamous for being so bad. Barely cleanable to drinking levels. In fact, we don’t. We use it for dishes, showers, etc. However, for coffee, drinking, etc, we use bottled water. 25 cents a gallon down at the grocery store.  To give a brief description of what the water goes through between the well and the house.

Pumps up and into a sediment filter, through an iron filter, gets chemicals added via a “chemical feeder”, into a 3,000 gallon holding tank where an ozone filter bubbles through it to remove the sulfur smell, back into a water softener with a salt brine tank, into the house where it splits into the heating system, showers, etc and also into a reverse osmosis filter system to make it drinkable.


Water filtration system

Water filtration system

So, this Rube Goldberg system is fairly unstable. I’ve completely run out of water twice when something went wrong. I’ve dealt with an overpower sulfur smell when the ozone filtration system broke, had black water a few times when the water softener back flushed pellets, and have had the well head freeze. I’ve also had a pipe break in the well house, soak the thrown in insulation to the point the Mickey Mouse wiring shorted out and had smoke coming out of the well house.  Turns out they ran 220v through a 110v line.


But on the flip side. Living in the mountains brings me things like this.



The day after Christmas we had about 4 inches of snow. It was beautiful.



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