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Well, Summer has arrived in Pacific Grove. I can tell by the dense layer of fog. This picture was taken at just before 8AM this morning on my bike ride to work.


Fog over Lovers Point

Fog over Lovers Point


One of the jokes around here is that the best time of year is winter time. We get more sunshine in the winter than we do in the summer because of the fog.

For various reasons I have not been enjoying my life here in Monterey California. Not because it isn’t beautiful and people come from hundreds of miles away to spend a weekend here.  I have lived here for several years and have grown very blase about it, so I’m going to try and change things up. I’ve started a Monterey Living Daily picture on Facebook.

I think I might try something similar here. Probably not daily, but often, I will post a random picture I’ve taken here in the Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel area.

Today’s picture comes from my ride in this morning. It’s the boats out in the bay between the Coast Guard Pier (Breakwater Cove), and Old Fisherman’s Warf. This is from about 7:30 this morning.  You can see Seaside/Sand City across the bay. Not a bad view on my commute to work.

Boats near Old Fisherman's Warf

Boats near Old Fisherman’s Warf



As Molly put it the other day, “It’s starting to get boring always being in the shallow end of the pool”.  Her reference to how mild life in Pacific Grove is. It’s hard to think about leaving here. It has been a nice place to live. Butterflies, ocean, beaches, small town living. I like living in a small town. It’s been a good place for the girls.

Molly and Nora on the Pier

So, why would we think about leaving here? Let us just say that things are not all they appear to be in this happy little community or within our family.

I currently have a standing offer at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque New Mexico. It’s a chance to move back into the realm of the big boys. I’ve already been told if I take the job that I will most likely be working on the integration of Sandia systems to Sequoia. only the fastest computer in the world last year, it’s 4th fastest now.  Plus the current systems at Sandia and the big buys coming down the line. Like I said, back onto the porch with the big dogs.

Moving to Albuquerque would lower our cost of living by about 35% while I would only be taking a 10% pay cut. A new place. A new adventure. It is tempting, very tempting.

Check back in a few months and see if we’re still posting about Pacific Grove or if we’re posting about Albuquerque. That’ll be a good way to tell if we accepted the job or not. 🙂


Sandia National Labs

I was poking through some pictures earlier today and saw a set of pictures that really shows how much time we have lived in Pacific Grove, CA.


The first picture is from around 2007, from before we moved to Scotland.

Nora at the Pacific Grove car show.


This second picture is from last year, in front of the same car. A little bit of a difference.

Molly and Nora at the Pacific Grove car show in 2012


We’ve lived here longer than we have lived anywhere else. It’s been a fun ride.


The girls and I took Gandalf down for his first “big crowd” event on Saturday. It was the Pacific Grove Good Ole Days fair and parade. He was pretty wound up at first, pulling on his leash and wanting to go ten different directions at once. However, after a bit he settled down and we all had a good time.

Molly walked with the AFRP, Animal Friends Rescue Project, during the parade. She had a little dog with her that was up for adoption. We didn’t bring Gandalf down until later in the day. When we did get down there he received so much attention it was nuts.

He got treats and belly rubs galore.

Gandalf relaxing with Nora, Molly, and Vianna.

We sat and relaxed in front of the PG Framing shop. The owner came out and took Gandalf inside for treats. Talk about one spoiled pup.

Gandalf getting some random love

Here the big softie is getting attention from some girls that were there. This was a pretty normal scene. So much for the big scary Pit Bull image.

Well, now that a large portion of the tourists have gone home I’ve started riding my motorcycle along the beach to work in the mornings. This adds about 3-5 minutes a day to my commute. The thing is, is that we live in a very beautiful area and very seldom do we stop long enough to look around.

From Monterey Living

This is one of the views I’m talking about. This is literally right down the road from us. 5 minutes walk.

Today I left for work at a bit after 8am. It’s roughly a 9 mile drive to work and it takes about 20 minutes. I dropped down past the lighthouse, which is only 2 blocks from home,

past the deer munching away in the El Carmelo cemetery, through the PG golf course down to the beach.  This is a picture looking to the left as I go through the golf course (taking a few years ago).

I then follow the beach along past Lovers Point and over towards Cannery Row where I’ll pop up to lighthouse avenue and bring that past the Defense Language Institute, under Portola Plaza and Fisherman’s wharf, through the eucalyptus grove in front of the Naval Postgraduate School and then up to a small residential community where our compound is.
So, this is where we live. It’s also where we hide. In the last 6 months I have taken the beach route, get ready for it, twice. Yep, twice. I don’t do it on the way home because of the frustration of dealing with moronic tourists, and I just don’t think about it on the way to work in the mornings. I really need to get in the habit of going along the beach.
This morning I didn’t see any whales, but I saw fishing boats, kayakers, runners, walkers, seagulls, egrets, deer, and a sea otter down by lovers point. It’s a tad better than looking at nothing but the bumper of the car in front of you in stop and go traffic. I must admit, I do not miss that.

To really get how fast time flies, here is a picture of Molly and Nora in front of a little car at the Pacific Grove Car gathering.

From 2012 Adventures

And here is Nora back in 2007 in front of the exact same car. A bit of difference.

From Drop Box

For those of you who have had automatic watering systems in their yards for years can probably ignore this post.

In our new house here in Asilomar/Pacific Grove there is a watering system in the yard. I figured it was broken because it was unplugged and non functional. Well today I decided to play with it. And what do you know, it works. How cool is that? Plugging it in was a moment of faith. The plug has been out in the weather for a while and is just slightly worse for wear.

I plugged it in, opened the control panel and started to dink around. It turns out that zone 1 is the front yard, zone 2 is the side yard and zone 3 is the back yard. I think zone 4 is a mythical land somewhere in Narnia. 🙂 Oh, and as a hint. Warn the children playing in the yard before you try to figure out what zone works where. They start hollering and complaining when the sprinklers all around them pop up and start spraying. I’m so mean.

I’ve programmed the sprinklers to go off tomorrow morning at 5 am for 10 minutes in all three zones. It’ll be cool to see if it works properly.

TOYS!!!! Ya gotta love toys.

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