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I took my old 2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob up to Seattle in November to have some work done to it over the winter. Well, let’s say it’s had an upgrade.

Here is my new 2019 Harley Davidson Fat Bob. It started out as a stock 114 Cubic Inch Black Harley. This was the first time I had seen the bike. I purchased it sight unseen.


After a “few” tweaks. Here is the motorcycle now. My cousin Paul, who runs a parts and service department at the Harley dealership I purchased it from has been setting it up for me.

Paul had one of the local airbrush folks add a memorial for John on the rear fender. Pretty awesome touch. 


This was the bike the first time I saw it after the majority of the upgrades.



List of upgrades so far.

  • Anti-Lock brakes (stock upgrade)
  • Cruise control (factory add on)
  • Heated grips
  • S&S Grand National Exhaust
  • Engine and accessories powder coated gunmetal grey
  • Windshield, quick release
  • Passenger backrest and rack, quick release
  • Painted Burnt Orange
  • Memorial airbrushed on the rear fender for John
  • Little Boy Atomic bomb airbrushed on battery cover
  • Engine upgraded.
    • 465 cam
    • Feuling Cam Plate and oil pump

We should be getting the motorcycle Dyno’d later this week. We are expecting the outcome to be about 110-115HP at the rear wheel. But more interestingly it should have about 135 ft/lbs of torque. Which means it’ll pull your arms off and can ride straight up a mountain.


A video of the initial startup after the engine upgrades and new exhaust installed.





Well, it looks like I’ve got another short project going. The right front fork seal on the R6 has gone bad. The last time it was the left side. What’s so strange is I do not ride this bike hard at all. It’s my fun commuter. Anyways, I took it apart tonight because the local shop finally got the parts in.

From Projects

All that for this one piece. Go figure.

From Projects

I’ll probably do an oil change while it’s apart. It’s a lot easier to do with the lower fairings off.

This weekend Roberta and I got up at 4:30 in the morning to volunteer at the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel Valley. It’s an annual event where a lot of the “wealthy” bring their toys to show off. There were 1 of 54 made Harley Davidsons, 1910’s and 1920’s in abundance. It was a good morning. We had sunshine and cool weather warming up into the 70’s by noon.

This was a 1942 Harley Davidson kitted out for service in WWII. The picture is of the owners father riding a similar bike during the war.

Here’s a beautiful old Indian motorcycle. Indians were the theme this year.

There is a group called BUB Spead Trials that will let you see how fast you can take your motorcycle on the Bonneville Salt flats. 5 mile spin up, 1 mile trap, 5 mile spin down. Oh how fun that’s going to be! Anyhow, I saw a gentleman with a Bub shirt on so Roberta and I walked up and I said, “Hey! Are you associated with Bub? Or just went there at some point?”. His response with a funny look. “Uhm, I am Bub.” (-; That’s him in the light blue shirt and straw type hat. FYI. TheS-BF 7, if I overheard correctly, hit 367 MPH last year.

Here is a replica of the Motorcycle used in the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.”

This is a strange bike, it’s made by a company called MotoMorph. I guess there are only 3 of these currently in existance.

And for those of you that want nothing but MORE and MORE horsepower here is a 502 Cubic Inch Big Block monstrosity called the “Stud Hoss”

We had a pretty good time. I think next year I might want to actually do the event ride and participate, not that volunteering wasn’t fun. But, it would be fun to ride with some of these bikes.

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