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Lynn and Thomas came down for a few days, and their visit overlapped the 4th of July and the start of the Hollister Rally.




So we met up with a few of my American Legion Rider friends for breakfast and headed to the rally. After breakfast this nice little Rod was sitting in the parking lot. It was a nice start to the sight seeing.

Nice little rod in the parking lot

Nice little rod in the parking lot

When we first got to the Rally it was still spinning up. It was the first day and still pretty early in the morning. Before we knew it though it was nothing but motorcycles everywhere, vendors, people, etc.



And it wasn’t just Harley’s. There was a contingent of Honda Ruckus there also.

A group of Honda Ruckus's

A group of Honda Ruckus’s

Here’s a picture of Hy chatting with one of the 1940’s style booth babes. Blackmail for later. 🙂

Hy and a cute pinup booth babe

Hy and a cute pinup booth babe

Sis let me borrow her Honda CTX to ride out to the Rally. Her and Thomas doubled up on the Goldwing of his. On the way home we took some back roads and had a fun ride.

Sis and Thomas' motorcycles.

Sis and Thomas’ motorcycles.


This weekend I met up with some of my American Legion Rider buddies (Chapter 31 Black Sheep) for a ride up from the Carmel post to Alice’s Restaurant and back. We went up along the coast and then back down through the redwoods. It was a beautiful day for a ride. Sunny and warm.

Ride route

Ride route

I took my GoPro with me, unfortunately I was trying to use it while rideing. IE I hit the wrong buttons and don’t have a nice video of the ride. I’ll try to do better next time. 🙂



As most people know, I’m a Metric/Sports Bike kind of guy. I currently ride around on a fun little Yamaha YZF-R6 that I’ve put 15k+ miles on in the last 2 1/2 years.



One thing I’ve discovered with riding a Metric is that most of the other Metric riders are into racing around and not doing much as a group, other than riding around. One of the reasons that I joined the American Legion Riders out of Post 31. I met some of those guys doing Patriot Guard Rides and they convinced me to join a post all the way over in Salinas CA. I’ve been with them 3 months now and have participated in 2 poker runs, the Warrior Run (raising money to fight soldier suicide), looking to do a parade on Veterans day, etc etc etc.

The only down side is that almost without exception, every one of the other riders at Post 31 rides a Harley Davidson of some sort.  Except Ken, who rides a freaking MONSTER Triumph Rocket 3.

Now, I’m not much of a Harley Davidson kind of guy, well, I guess I am in that I like to do the things the other Harley Davidson riders like to do, with the exception of I like to do it on my sporty little R6.

During the Warrior Run the other day I did see a Harley that I liked and could actually see myself riding.

Nice Harley Davidson

There is just something about the color matched with the leather saddle bags. It was a really nice Harley.  Just don’t tell my cousin Paul. I’ll never hear the end of “When are you going to buy a Harley??” 🙂





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