Stopped at Molly’s on the way home tonight. It’s a local hangout for folks living up in the Sandia Mountains.

Sometimes it is nice to just have a beer and spend a few minutes taking it easy. 

I turned down the last, maybe final, offer to work on one of the fastest computers on the planet today. Sucks, but it was best for the kids and I. 4 hours later I get kicked in the teeth by the contracting company I work for. Funny how things work out.

So, chilling and having a quiet beer is therapeutic tonight.

Life is funny some times.

There are times when there is nothing better in life than good food, good friends, and time spent together. 

Here is a picture of Justin making scratch built pizzas in his wood fired pizza oven. An evening with friends. 

We had a pretty good downburst rainstorm at the house today. Filled the decks sun shade with so much hail it stretched and broke things. Part of the driveway washed out. Rain, mud, and debris covered the back deck and was coming in the back door. Leaks all over in the shop.  Quite the little storm.

A pile of hail from the sun shade.

High water mark on the back of the shop. 

Everything is looking good from a distance. Most of the damage is just cleanup type stuff. So, all is good.

Here we are at the Seattle Pride Festival enjoying a Drag Queen show. It was a blast.


Seattle Pride Festival

Seattle Pride Festival

Here is the family at the RenFaire.


We had a family day not to long ago and Nora, Morgen, and I went and checked out the Solar Tower. Pretty interesting. They use molten salt to transfer and store the energy.

Solar Tower

Here we are reflected in one of the many many mirrors.



Needless to say, the Albuquerque RenFaire kind of sucked. But this was a good picture of Collin and Megan. Enjoying life.


Megan and Collin at the Albuquerque RenFaire

Megan and Collin at the Albuquerque RenFaire

Just a picture of my morning view while drinking coffee and avoiding work.


Morning Coffee in the Sandia Mountains.

Morning Coffee in the Sandia Mountains.

A month or so ago one of the contractors working on the bathroom started hollering at me from the front yard. Seems we had a 3-4ft Bull snake heading for the open front door. I ended up chasing him across the parking area to where the gophers live. Hopefully it’ll stay over there and help with the gopher issues.


A local Sandia Mountains Bull snake

A local Sandia Mountains Bull snake

Hard to believe, but my little ones are now old enough to drive. Nora helped drive to Seattle a bit ago. Morgen did also, but refused to let me take his picture. Teenagers.  Sheesh.

Time flies by some times. Blink and the years have passed.

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