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I flew up to Washington and picked up my motorcycle. Riding it down the coast home. It’s a beautiful ride. Bike is handling great.


I have a 3 hour layover in Vancouver, unexpectedly. So, after getting through US customers I wandered around a bit.

This airport has museum class pieces of art on display. Plus native art, humorous pieces.

I have so been this guy in the past.

There are also quiet corners that just make a person relax.

This wall art was on one of the cart paths between sections

I’m sitting here at the San Jose airport having a beer at The Brit Pub. I’m paranoid when it comes to making my flights. I grabbed a Lyft 2 1/2 hours early because I was unsure of San Jose traffic. Turns out, 20 minutes later and I’m at the terminal, 10 minutes after that I’m through security and chilling at the pub.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the San Jose airport, in the middle of Silicon Valley now has robots. Kind of a creepy robot in my opinion. But interesting.

My first trip in a storm of Trips over the next few months. Calgary, Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Mexico, and Possibly Seattle.

We found Mozilla this time durimg one of our adventure walks in San Francisco.

Buddy of mine was giving a painting class at Fuegos, a local bar/restaurant. I figured, why not? I have no talent but it should be fun.

Besides beer and painting. What could go wrong? 🙂

Sitting here outside of Lilly Mac’s Irish Pub down in Sunnyvale Town center on Murphy Street. Today there was a summer festival. Lots of crafts, art, foods. It’ll continue tomorrow also.

Here is Murphy Street. It continues on several parallel roads.

Today was a warm summer day here. Mid 80’s and sunny.

I decided to grab a table, a beer, and relax for a bit. Read my book and let the world flow around me.

This week was my first week as an actual Apple employee. In fact I’m writing this post on my new iPhone X. I have been assimilated into the Cult of Mac.

It’s hard to look back on the last few years and realize how good life has turned out. It sure didn’t look that way. Funny how things turn out.

Well, it’s been about a month since I’ve done any updates. Life in Silicon Valley is going well. I’ve purchased a bicycle to commute on, and once I did that it started raining. Go figure. Forecast says another week of rain.

After almost 3 months of living here I’ve finally bought a bed. I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor, or an air mattress the first month. The first month my contract went sideways, so I wasn’t sure if I had a semi long term job or not, so I stopped buying any furniture and went into hunker down mode. Well, now things seem to be stabilizing, so, it was time. I spent most of Saturday putting the darn thing together. Darn Ikea furniture is nice, but such a pain to put together.


But, it’s done now. Looks like I’m an adult again. I actually have a bed.


Yep. I have a bed, a bike, a guitar, and more compute power than most small countries in my tiny shared 1 bedroom apartment. I definitely fit into the Silicon Valley lifestyle now.

Work has been going well. I enjoy working at Apple. I’m doing things I haven’t had a chance to do before. My contracting company Taos is probably the best contracting firm I’ve worked for. Which, I suppose, compared to Govt contracting isn’t saying much. But, they treat me well. Hell, they treat me like an actual human being. It’s a refreshing change.

It’s kind of weird, at the age of 50 to be going through a major work/career change, but I really like it. Don’t get me wrong, I did some really neat things working for the government. Things I’m pretty proud of, but, I’m being challenged is something I’ve missed. Doing things I haven’t done before. I really like it.  I like doing new things. I’m hoping Apple can be as challenging and rewarding as I hope it can be.



With the good comes the not so good. Last night at about 11pm I hear the kids holler “a pipe broke!”. Oh crap! Well, it turns out it wasn’t a pipe but rather the septic system backing up into the downstairs bathroom and over flowing the toilet.

I run outside and pop the top off one of the clean outs and drain the sewer water into the gravel instead of the house.

Next morning I call the septic guy.

We then have to dig up the access cover to the septic tank effluent filter. Yes, it was buried.

We finally get the tank pumped out.

The effluent filter cleaned

And life is good again. I have learned more about septic systems in the last 24 hours than I thought I would ever learn. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid of.

Doing some work on Black Betty, my new Toyota Tacoma.

So far I’ve replaced some interior lights, replaced the radio, added floor mats, etc.

Now I’m putting sound deadiner in the doors and on the back wall.

Here is the before.

And here is the after.

And the passenger door.

Next is the back wall, then the floor. Then new speakers, amp, bass, etc.

I had a lot of fun up in Telluride Colorado last weekend. I went up for the Blues and Brews Festival. Bonnie Raitt, Steve Winwood, plus a ton of others.

Got a bit cold sleeping in the tent, but still fun.

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