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Roberta and I ate lunch at a local place called Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe (I’d link to their home page, but it’s a overdone Flash site that I think could cause seizures, ya, that bad). Anyhow, while we were there having lunch we saw a neat old picture on the wall showing the building and street we were on from 1940.

We determined 1940 by using Google to research the movie playing at the movie house. It’s The Westerner with Gary Cooper. Released September 1940. The waitress was happy when we told her. She said people kept asking when the picture was taken and she had no idea. Now she does.

From 2011 Adventures

What I really love is the fact that the central sign says “The Pine Cone Cafe”. Growing up my grandfather used to take us to a Pine Cone in Lynwood Washington where they had the greasiest home made fries. I still remember sitting there as a child eating those fries with my Grandad. Driving there in the mid 70’s in a big old LTD style boat of a car. My grandfather using one foot for the gas and the other for the brakes. He’d go through brakes like you wouldn’t believe! I remember that, that and the smell of Cigars. Those are the memories I have of a Pine Cone Cafe.


Contrary to all of the “We’re All Going To Die!!!!” beating of the chest, whinging, and moaning, the world really is doing pretty well.

I’ve seen these statistics before, but here’s a great video of them. Take a minute and check it out. It’s amazing what’s happened in only 200 years. Average life span nearly doubles for one thing.

Sure, we have a long ways to go, but we’re not doing to bad as a species, normally.

FYI: If you didn’t know already, I’ve been ex-communicated from the Church of Global Warming and their screaming rants on how we’re all going to die.

Today marks the first day that WW1 has fallen from living memory. The last living person known to have been a combat veteran in WW1 has died.

Claude Choules has died at the age of 110.

Féadfaidh na gaoithe i gcónaí a bheith ag do ais

Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Note: Choules and his wife Ethel were married for 80 years, until her death aged 98.

I am so sick and tired of people crying and whining about the bloody Fukushima Nuclear plant and how we’re all “GOING TO DIEEEEEE!!!!’

I hope people end up bankrupt buying iodine tablets. Morons.

At the edge of the Fukushima site the radiation levels are (as of this writing) between 1 and 3 millirems per hour.

Reference 1: An astronaut gets about 25,000 millirems per shuttle mission. That means a trip on the shuttle is like standing next to the Fukushima plant for between 347 days to 1041 days. Or roughly 1-3 years, for every ride on the  shuttle.

Reference 2: One 150 gram banana has about .01 millirems of natural radiation. So, if you eat between 100 and 300 banana’s you get the Banana Equivalent Dose of Radiation as standing on the property of the Fukushima plant. Better stay away from the produce aisle!

Reference 3: A US worker is allowed under Federal Regulation up to 5000 millirems per year of exposure. This is considered a Safe level of exposure. (During WW2 it was 25000 millirems per year, or a Shuttle mission). 5000 millirems / 3 millirems per hour = 1667 hours of safe exposure or 70 days onsite before exceeding the Federally mandated Safe levels of exposure. Or 210 days at 1 millirem an hour.

Sure, any radiation leak is bad. But get a bloody grip already. People in the US are actually buying iodine tablets?? You realize your 5,500 miles away (in California). Right? You can’t really be so stupid as to think a small radiation leak from Japan is going to effect you. Right? Right??

Reference Health Physics Society

Reference MIT

Reference PajamasMedia

Reference (Banana Equivalent Dose)

The other night the kitten was messing with Lady’s tail, our black lab. Lady finally had enough and stood up, turned toward the kitten, the kitten stand on its hind legs, spreads her front paws out with a “bring it on” attitude. Lady looks at the kitten for a few seconds, closes her eyes, ducks her head, and head butts the kitten. Knocking it on its tail end.

Lady then looks at the kitten for a second, turns and lays back down, with an attitude like, “there, that showed you, you silly cat!”

It was awesome.

Why does our modern society phrase everything in a Chicken Little style mentality? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Global Warming! Ocean Acidification! Ice caps Melting! Crime at it highest! blah blah blah.

Why can’t anyone ever speak about the good things our society has brought about? Modern Medicine for instance. Sure, Obamacare sucks, but the basic medicine behind it is flat out amazing. Sure we don’t have cures for malaria, yet. But how many people do you know that have Polio? Died from a tooth infection? Or a simple cut that got infected? Those all used to kill people just a short 100 years ago. Not any more.

How about how much our society has Cleaned up the rivers, oceans, and lakes? A ferry tipped over only a short distance from the banks of the Thames river. Almost every person on board died. Drowned? Well, kind of. In the mid 19th centrury the river was so polluted that pollutions over came anyone that could swim and killed them. When was the last time you watched raw sewage flow down the river, that wasn’t caused by an accident? That used to be common place on many rivers in the UK and US. Not anymore.

The list goes on and on and on. The things modern society has brought us. And yet, all you hear is whining, crying, bitching, and moaning about one thing or another that’s going to “Kill us all”, “Kill the fuzzy (fill in the blank) animal”, ruin something or other. Can’t people just shut the hell up and look at the good things once in a while? Is that really too much to ask for?

This is just a place holder so that in the future I can find the damn certificates needed to get my CAC card working. Every 6 months I end up getting a new CAC card that doesn’t use the same damn CA certs and I have to jump through my ass to find the new ones. Welcome to being a government contractor.

Well, here is where I found them this time.

DOD-CA26 this time. Last time it was 24 and the time before that I think it was 23 or 25.  Come on, hit the moving target!

I became slightly irritated today when this couple drove up in their Prius, parked, got out and started putting flyers on peoples doors.

They actually handed one to Megan. Who then handed it to me. It was a Democratic flyer telling you “who” you were to vote for and “how” you were to vote for every proposition on the ballot.

Soooo… I walked into the front yard, crumpled up the flyer, tossed it in the garbage can and yelled “I vote how I want.!” Then went inside, thought about it a minute then yelled out the window. “Besides! I’m a F!@#$ing Republican!”

Morons telling other morons how to vote. What a great way to run a country. It’s a Democracy! Which means everyone gets to choose how to vote. Not be fricken told how to vote! Sheeple. A bunch of moronic sheeple around here.


My new Minimed Paradigm 723 insulin pump arrived last week. The other day I took it out and spent some time programming it up. Tonight I had to change out my set so decided it was time to switch to my new pump. Whoo hooo. Or so I thought.

Put the battery in, reset the time and date, told the pump to rewind and the next thing I know it pops up a question “Did you disconnect the pump from your body. Y or N?” What the hell is this? Y, enter.

Put the new insulin set in and get ready to prime the tubing. Another question pops up. “Did you disconnect the pump from your body. Y or N?” WTF is this crap? Y enter. Prime the tubing, Another damn question pops up. “Did you see drops from the tubing. Y or N?” Now I’m really starting to get pissed of at the 3rd grade questions.

I’ve already sent off an email to the Medtronic Rep for the area asking how I turn the stupid questions off. If they say that I can’t, well then  they can have their $6500 $#@!% pump back and I’ll go with someone else.

I will not have something I need ask me condescending 3rd grade questions and piss me off every time I have to use it. Not gonna happen.  As you can tell I am not currently pleased with my new Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 723 insulin pump. And yes I spelled it all out so it will get hit by web searches.



I have received a response from Minimed that basically says “Live with it”. So, I have responded by sending an email to the whole Mimimed Rep chain requesting to trade the new 723 pump for an older model 722. I’m interested in seeing what they have to say. Probably tell me to piss off, they could care less what the users actually want. Anyone want to make a wager?


Yep. I pretty much got a “fuck off” from Medtronic. Suprise!! I’d like to nominate the new menu screens on the Paradigm 723 Insulin Pump to the stupid warning label group. It fits perfectly with the “Do not fold stroller while child is inside.” So now I have a $6500 Insulting Insulin Pump.

So, you tell me, is this just coincidence?

I’ve been working for over 25 years now, been married for over 18. I’ve always been able to include my wife, and now children, on my insurance with nothing more than some paperwork, names and social security numbers.

Until this year.The year that the “Obama Healthcare reform” takes place.

This year I have to sign my family up in October, over a month early, for next years health care so that my company and the government can “audit” me. I will now be “required” to do the following to have them covered.

As part of the verification, you will be required to provide full documentation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, tax forms, proof of joint financial responsibility, etc.) for all dependents you elect to cover.

Tax forms? Really? WTF?!? On top of that, life insurance is cut in half and the price raised 10%, co pays are up across the board, and medical raised roughly $600+ per year per family on top of the already exisiting monthly costs.

Thanks for nothing Obama! Good luck getting elected again you putz!

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
— Margaret Thatcher

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