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I ended up ordering some Owens Corning 703 fiberglass panels off of a few weeks ago. I’m finally getting around to making the acoustic panels for the music room.

I actually used my skill saw to cut the panels. Easy.

The panels come in 2 ft x 4 ft. I framed one and hung it whole over the mic area, I cut one long ways to create 2 1ft x 4 ft panels for the front corners. I’ll do the same with the back corners.

I cut one piece in half creating two 2ft x 2ft panels and covered them in blue from a couple of pillow cases. My kiddo wanted the blue.

Now I need to just repeat the process a few times to make the rest.

Fyi. Fiberglass dust on the skin or in the eyes really can suck. So I actually wore goggles and a mask.

Here is a picture during the process.  I’ve filled in the wall with acoustic foam and added a laptop shelf since this picture.

More pictures later. It’s time to relax.



There are certain things about living in the East Mountains that are different than other areas. It’s the little things that I really like.  Once you stop and talk to folks, you really learn a lot.  Here are a few of the places that we frequent up here.

Molly’s bar, where I stop on the way home on occasion. It’s been a family business up in the mountains since the early 50’s.  There is live music 5 nights a week.

  • Dianne, the owner of Molly’s now. Daughter in law of the original owners. She’s in the bar most nights.
  • Every once in a while a major film uses Molly’s as a movie set. Happened the other day for a movie called “Fast Color” that is due out in 2018. Molly’s got a free paint job on the inside from the set crew.
  • Chrissy, she’s been there for 32 years. She’s a sweet lady. Her husband was a truck driver and one day a few years ago he laid down at the office and never got back up.
  • Charlene, who gives me burritos and cheesecake that she makes and brings in. I’m spoiled
  • Jake. Kid’s a hell of a guitar player. Used to work in the oil fields. He’s a regular now. Pulling a “Jake” is now the euphemism to helping the bar tenders take the trash out. 🙂
  • Cowboy Scott. A carpenter, who at the age of 50, said F’ it. I want to sing and play guitar. Turns out the man has some pretty good talent. Love hearing him play.
  • Steve Kinabrew. The local music organizer it seems. He’s part of a band called Odd Dog. Hand the man a guitar, tell him what song and he’ll either play it or back you up.

Burger Boy. The local burger joint in Cedar Crest.

  • They always seemed to close so early, until we realized today that they open at 7am for breakfast.
  • The morning waitress survived a brain aneurysm 7 years ago that left her unable to walk or talk. Now you wouldn’t even know she had a stroke.
  • It’s pretty common to see Bernoulli police hanging out in there.
  • One of the regulars this morning had a bunch of Military gear. IE Vietnam Vet hat, pins, etc. I noticed he had an Air Assault pin on his hat. So I coined him. We got to talking. He was in Nam in 68. Was there for the Tet offensive. We chatted a bit, his buddy sitting there was a captain in the Army in Nam. Signal Core.
  • Watched a guy take a perfectly folded US Flag out to the flag pole out front and raise it.

Western Mercantile Feed Store

  • We have an honest to goodness feed store in Tijeras
  • Need live baby chicks? Ducks or Chicken?
  • They sell fire starters in a dynamite box.
  • During the big wild fire south of town they set up a temporary adoption program for all the various types of animals from dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses, you name it. They had a place you could take your animals to keep them safe.
  • One of the workers there is the stereo typical cowboy. Laid back, slow talking, hat wearing, good ole boy.

Ale Republic. Our first, and so far only brewery.

  • Took over a year to get the permits to open the doors.
  • Wesley the weekend bartender is in the UNM Paramedic program. Works at the bar for extra money
  • Kelly, she works some weekends and is a stand in. She’s also in a medical program. Only CNM’s EMT program.
  • Hank, one of the regulars, who used to hang out at the Lazy Lizard (local bar) works most summers as a miner in Alaska. Now he’s working a local farm with his brothers. They make a heck of a good sausage they serve occasionally at the Ale Republic. They get hops from the brewery to feed the pigs.

Greenside Cafe

  • I suggest the Sangre De Cristo half sandwich and soup.
  • They are a higher class than most of the other places in Cedar Crest.

The Lazy Lizard

  • I used to hang out there before the Ale Republic opened. Now, I only go up there every few weeks.
  • Eric and Joe the dog are locals there. Eric has broken his neck not once, but twice. Southern boy. Georgia I believe. Nice guy. Drives a funky yellow convertible corvette.
  • They repainted the place a grey color on the inside. It used to be a redish orange. I am not a fan  of the grey.
  • They make a great French Dip sandwich. All their sandwiches are named after types of snakes.

As Cathrine pointed out to me in a comment, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. Since basically Christmas no less. So, what’s happened in the last few months?


  • I turned 50. Surprisingly I’ve lived long enough to get there.
  • Morgen and Nora turned 18 (Megan’s 21 now also.) So technically, no more children at home. Just young adults.
  • Went up to the Sandia Ski area one Saturday. Slid in the snow, turned around and started back down the mountain when we nailed a boulder that had rolled off the hill with the right front tire. Blew the sidewall clean off the tire and mucked up the alignment on the car. New tires all around and an alignment later we are good to go.
  • I’ve been sick for just shy of 4 weeks now. Thought it was a cold, then allergies, then ??. Finally went to the doctor on Friday. Sounds like walking pneumonia at this point. So, I’ve been a sluggard and haven’t been doing much. Just trying to get better.
  • I bought a 2001 Crown Victoria car with 120k miles on it. Talk about an ugly car. 🙂 It’s up in Seattle. I’ll fly up there in a few weeks where Paul and I will tear it down to component pieces. The 4.6 litre V8 engine, transmission, electronics, and rear end are all going into my 1969 Triumph. That car is going to run awesome when we finish building her.
  • The twins and I drove to Denver Colorado for the weekend. Met up with some friends, Morgen and Nora went to a concert. Had a great time.
  • Attended a Masquerade party at my friend Char and Mikes. What a night that was. Great wine, awesome food, fun conversation.
  • A co-worker of mine has handed of her old side business to Megan and Collin. They are taking over the Dancing Flame Stones business. Here’s a youtube video from 2008. Dancing Flame Stones.

Well. That’s the update for now. I’m headed off to bed to get my 10 hours of sleep just to function minimum right now. This illness is really getting old.

Here’s to a great year. Cheers from the trouble table at Char’s Masquerade Party.




Every year Paul and I go to the SEMA show in Vegas. One of the biggest aftermarket car shows in the world.

This year I met the CEO of Unplugged Performance. They take Teslas and modify them. They do really nice work. Here is one of their cars from SEMA this year.


Unplugged Tesla

Here is the family at the RenFaire.


Needless to say, the Albuquerque RenFaire kind of sucked. But this was a good picture of Collin and Megan. Enjoying life.


Megan and Collin at the Albuquerque RenFaire

Megan and Collin at the Albuquerque RenFaire

I didn’t realize that I have never put up any pictures of the Balloon Festival we have every October here in Albuquerque.

Just to give a person a taste, here is one of the pictures I took right after we moved here. And this is just one wave. They have to send up the balloons in waves to give them enough space.



Here is a great picture of Gandalf, our 80+ pound Pitty. Megan dresses him up occasionally. He’s hilarious looking with eyebrows drawn on.

Gandalf just kicking back

Gandalf just kicking back


This is how I start my morning on the  weekends. Now that it has warmed up enough to enjoy the morning outdoors.

Gandalf and I sit on the upper deck, I drink coffee and read, he watches the world. Take an hour or so to just relax.

Weekdays are, get up, make lunches, chug coffee, clean up, take kids to school, go to work, go go go. But weekends, I sleep in til 8 or 9, if I’m being lazy. Sip my coffee and enjoy the world view for a bit.


I installed the Scala Rider G9x base to my helmet. I’m happy with my G9, but on the Harley I have difficulty hearing the radio, music, and forget about phone calls. The G9x let’s me plug in earbuds.

So, I ordered Radian custom molded earplugs, and molded the earbuds into the earplugs. Now, even at 75 mph I can easily hear the radio and music, over the sound of the bike and wind noise, with a low volume.

I was out enjoying some music on the cool, clear night and saw a brewery. Almost missed it. Hammered the brakes, crossed 2 lanes, and now I’m chilling out and enjoying a Bosque River Walker IPA before continuing on towards home.

No music here, but it is a pleasant environment.


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