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Holy crap. A Great White shark attacked a surfer in Monterey Bay at the Marina beach.  This would be the 10th such attack since 1952. Only 2 proved to be fatal.

Monterey Herald Story

Picture of the damaged surfboard.

Picture of damaged surfboard 

“A pod of dolphins came by, then a few seconds later I looked over and saw a huge splash,” Jansen said. The shark “was right on top of him and took him under.”


It’s pronounced MacAbee by the way. (-: We planned on diving Monastery Beach and get a nice deep dive in, however conditions were too rough. So, we ended up just doing a nice easy dive at McAbee. There is actually a web cam of the beach. Here’s a blurb on it. It’s a nice place to do an easy dive.Todays dive began pretty normal. We swam out from the beach about a hundred yards or so before dropping down into the kelp. Visibility was poor, only about 10-15 feet at best. Water was 56 on the surface and 52 degrees down around 35ft. We saw a lot of rock fish, star fish, sun stars, anemones, etc etc. It was going to be one of those not too terribly memorable dives.

We did see a Harbor Seal swimming around us on occasion. A grey, about 4ft long or so. Not too terribly large, pretty average in size for this area really. We ended up so far out in the bay that we passed half a dozen divers that were diving off of the Monterey Express dive boat. We popped up to the surface to get a bearing, and there it was only about 30-40 yards from us. Oops, we got out a bit.

What made the dive so interesting was that as we approached the shore we had three more harbor seals surface within 10 feet of us and then kind of hung around as we worked our way to shore. One of them kept swimming down around our fins as we kicked in. It actually came in and let Kirk rub it’s belly with his flippers. It rubbed up against my fins several times as we worked in. It was a really neat experience. It was cautious around us, but not afraid. It KNEW it could out maneuver us and kick our butts if we got out of line. (-:

I just wish I could have gotten a picture of it when it had my fin pinned between it’s flipper and body and was just looking at me. It was really neat.

Harbor Seal on the surface

Imagine this when your in the water with it. It’s great.

Harbor Seal Swimming underwater

Cute little guys. So curious and friendly.

Looks like Kirk and I will be doing a dive of Monastery Beach tomorrow. We’re slowly but surely working our way outward from the Monterey Penninsula. This dive looks like it will be interesting because we’ll have the opportunity to drop down just about as deep as we want. The Carmel Canyon comes in at that point. One diver commented that you can drop down to 130ft, sit on the edge of the canyon and have your flipplers dangling over nothingness.

 Kirk and I will probably keep it around 60ft or so this dive. I still need to make sure that diving deeper won’t effect my blood sugars in any funky way.

Here is a review of Monastery Beach from, one from Saint Brendon, and this one here. I like the last one. It references Monastery Beach as Mortuary Beach.

Monterey Canyon 

I’ll try to update the website tomorrow night after the dives. This one looks to be fun. (-:


Kirk and I went and dove an area of Monterey Bay called the Metridium Fields. It’s roughly a couple of acres with scattered sections of Metridium anemones. These are bright white, large, frilled anemones.


This was a great dive. Sunny day, water was about 58 degrees.  We ended up following an old 30″ pipe out into the bay then about 50 yards past where it ended to find the field. It averages about 50 ft down.

Here’s a rough map of it’s location compliments of This Guy.



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