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Well, it seems the City of Monterey is going to change out roughly 2000 street lights for more energy efficient LED lights, replacing the sodium vapor lights currently used. They are doing this to ” allow Monterey to comply with a state law requiring the reduction of municipal greenhouse gas emissions“.

Article in the Monterey Herald.

So, a few items of note that I find interesting.

The total cost of this is going to be $934,000 for just over 1900 LED lights, or roughly $490 per light. The city is using a 10 year low interest loan to pay for this and will pay the loan back with the money they are “saving” in lower energy bills.  Hmmm…

$490 per light vs $50 (total guess) or so for a High Pressure Sodium Bulb.

FYI. From what I can figure out the Mean Time Between Failures of a LED light like this is quoted at roughly 50,000 hours.  Now that sounds like a lot, but remember there are 1900 LED lights with that average. So,

50,000 hours / 1900 lights / 8 hours on a day(rough average over the year) = 3.28 days between average failures.

This means the City of Monterey will be replacing one of these $490 LED lights every 3 1/4 days, or 2 per week.

$490 x 2 per week x 52 weeks per year = $50,960 per year in replacement costs. Let’s be nice and say the replacement cost is 1/2 that of initial installation (I’m being nice). So this makes it $25,000 or so in just bulb replacement cost over the course of an average year.  Or another way to look at it $250,000 in replacement costs on top of the $934,000 in initial installation costs plus interest over the course of the loan.

I’m hoping that I really screwed something up here. Otherwise this whole California attitude of “save us from Global Warming” by bankrupting us idea just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. At least the article isn’t claiming they are doing this to save money. It actually looks like a money loser even when you figure the savings of more energy efficient LED’s.

If anyone has better figures for LED replacement cost vs Sodium Vapor (I don’t know the cost of the bulbs for comparison), and/or the difference in MTBF for both I’d be interested to hear. On the surface this whole project looks like more “Green” bullshit to spend money that doesn’t do anything but let politicians pat themselves on the back say what a wonderful job they are doing saving the world.




I understand that the Seattle Times ran an article talking about how the Seattle area has warmed so much in the last few years. In fact I found this snippet in this article

At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where the city’s official weather observations are taken, the normal daily high temperature has risen for every month of the year, except October. In Seattle’s warmest month, August, the “normal” daily high rises from 75.6 degrees to 76.3.

Now, what you may find interesting is that the official temperature for the Seattle area is taken at the Seattle International Airport. You know, the place where a few years ago they added a 3rd runway.  Cliff Mass did a nice article, including pictures, of the changes to both the temperature at SeaTac compared to other weather stations locally and where the temperature sensors at SeaTac are located.

Here is a nice picture taken from Watts Up with That (which grabbed it from Chris Mass) that shows the change in temperature averages before, during, and after the 3rd runway construction.

Interesting how the temperature jumped almost 2 degrees (compared to other local temperature sensors) during the construction of the 3rd runway and then stablelized somewhat after, at the higher temps.

Oh wait, didn’t the Seattle Times tell you that??? Oh, gee, the must have just forgotten.  The Seattle Times would never push the meme of “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!”

It would be nice if institutions like the Seattle Times would stop with the bull crap and actually give a straight story without the fear mongering. Oh well.

Why does our modern society phrase everything in a Chicken Little style mentality? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Global Warming! Ocean Acidification! Ice caps Melting! Crime at it highest! blah blah blah.

Why can’t anyone ever speak about the good things our society has brought about? Modern Medicine for instance. Sure, Obamacare sucks, but the basic medicine behind it is flat out amazing. Sure we don’t have cures for malaria, yet. But how many people do you know that have Polio? Died from a tooth infection? Or a simple cut that got infected? Those all used to kill people just a short 100 years ago. Not any more.

How about how much our society has Cleaned up the rivers, oceans, and lakes? A ferry tipped over only a short distance from the banks of the Thames river. Almost every person on board died. Drowned? Well, kind of. In the mid 19th centrury the river was so polluted that pollutions over came anyone that could swim and killed them. When was the last time you watched raw sewage flow down the river, that wasn’t caused by an accident? That used to be common place on many rivers in the UK and US. Not anymore.

The list goes on and on and on. The things modern society has brought us. And yet, all you hear is whining, crying, bitching, and moaning about one thing or another that’s going to “Kill us all”, “Kill the fuzzy (fill in the blank) animal”, ruin something or other. Can’t people just shut the hell up and look at the good things once in a while? Is that really too much to ask for?

It’s so sad for me to believe that a magazine would be so desperate for sensationalism that they would stoop this bloody low. And a magazine that’s supposed to be a science based one at that.

From an article in Nature. A magazine that used to be, at least nominally, credible.

Space tourism to accelerate climate change

It’s enough to gag a person the crap they spew these days. Really? Are you so desperate for articles that you think this even makes sense? Did ANYONE at the magazine stop for 10 seconds and think this through? Or they all just decide, what the hell. People are too stupid to realize we’re feeding them a complete line of bullshit. Go for it!

From the “We’re all gonna die!!!!” news pages.

Giant Iceberg Breaks As Term ‘Global Warming’ Hits 35

Largest Iceberg Since 1962 Is Four Times As Big As Manhattan

It’s all global warmings fault of course. Then again, it’s the biggest since 1962? Uhm wait, I thought it was global warmings fault? Oh well.

Also, I can’t find it now, but on the news last night they were talking about how the iceberg is going to travel into shipping lanes and cause untold havock. Uhm. Check this picture out. I don’t think there’s a ton of worry in the near future.

Well, it seems the last five instruments have been integrated onto the NPP satellite. NPP is the NPOESS Prepatory Project. The first of what was going to be 5 satellites, then 4, now?

  1. CrIS: The Cross-track Infrared Sounder
  2. ATMS: Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder
  3. VIRS: Fisible/Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite
  4. OMPS: Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite
  5. CERES: Cloads and Earth Radiant Energy System

So, now if they can keep from smoking anything the plan is to launch in October 2011.

Okay, it’s a rant about climate only in that I want to raise the question of “why in the hell!?!?!” are we so worried about a .6 degree change in temperature over the last 150 years? We have bigger problems in our world that we really need to address.

I’m going to pull some statistics from the World Health Organization for 2004.

In Africa 45% of all deaths that year were for children under the age of 15. 45%. Almost half of all deaths were children. 10.5 Million children under the age of 5 died in 2004 alone. 10,500,000 babies under the age of 5. Why?

  1. Respiratory infections like pneumonia. 17% “Curable with Antibiotics.”
  2. diarrhea diseases. 17% “Fixable with Clean Water”
  3. premature and low birth weight. 11% “Fixable with basic Nutrition”
  4. neonatal infections like sepsis. 9% “Curable with Antibiotics”
  5. birth asphyxiation and trauma. 8% “Fixable with basic health care”
  6. Malaria. 7%  “Incurable at this time. Preventative measures would lower death rates”

Of the top 6 killers of babies in Africa, only 1 do we not have a cure for. We as Americans love to piss and whine about our Healthcare, our taxes, the spoof of global warming. When all around the world 7 Million 245 thousand children under the age of 5 are dying because of the lack of basics. Clean water, basic health care, food. That’s 13 children per minute dying from the most basic of needs.Things that are easily solvable with effort and money.

Put this in perspective. In the “Rich nations” like America, Britain, etc less than 1% of children 15 and under die. 1% compared to 45%. In the rich countries over 84% of the people live to be 60 and over. In poor countries, it’s only 20%.

So, if you want to piss and whine about how the CO2 is “destroying” the world. And think that wasting a Trillion Dollars on fixing a .6 degree temperature increase is a “Top priority”. Think about 13 children per minute dying in our world from things that are curable and preventable.

We as a world society suck sometimes.

WHO figures found here and here and Reuters info here.

As some may have noticed I am a tad against the whole “The world is going to end” mentality. Whether that is in regards to ice caps melting, oceans rising, ocean acidification, global warming, global cooling, whatever.

I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in pointing out that these forecasts of doom fail. Unfortunately that clouds me to a more sensible approach to the science. As soon as I hear “we’re all going to die if we don’t…” my brain shuts off and all I think is “another freak speaks.”

But that limits me to a one sided argument. Which is dumb. The problem is, how do I get past the frustration of dealing with people I think of as propaganda filled baboons?

An example of this is the rant about the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s moronic attempt at Green propaganda called the “Pink Flamingo Display”. I wrote the article, thought about it a bit, took it down, thought about it a bit more, and then put it back up. Why? because right or wrong I think their whole approach is moronic, irritating, and more damaging to their ideas than helpful. I would imagine the aquarium wishes for people to protect and preserve the oceans and habitats. So, instead of saying that they had to go over the top and basically say “people are bad, stop driving cars, destroy your way of life” in the name of the environment. It’s the wrong approach.

Anyhow. Back to the question at hand. How does a person try to form an educated opinion in this time of fact twisting, politically motivated, propagandized science? I haven’t had a whole lot of luck.

It seems that the Green Environmental Zealots have taken over the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The aquarium has always been way into the “Green” movement, which was fine, unfortunately it’s now so far in it should have sponsored by Greenpeace, PETA an ELF written on the door.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for taking care of our environment. But this is too much. People go to the aquarium to see the fish and animals. Not to get all this hogwash shoved down there throats.

What used to be a great place to take the kids to learn about the oceans and the life that lived in it has been warped into a “People are Bad” over the top environmental forum filled with junk science displays with nothing more than propaganda for the green movement, with some cool fish displays thrown in here and there. This really sucks because the Monterey Bay Aquarium used to be an awesome place to take the kids.

As an example of where the Aquarium has gone wrong in my opinion they have set aside a specific section of the aquarium in something they are calling the Hot Pink Flamingo’s display. Which cost over $3.5 million dollars.  It’s the primary section where they push their Green Eco mentality.

I find it funny that they actually list some of the steps used to push their ideas on the visitors of the aquarium. This is taken directly from their newsletter called Sea Notes. You can follow the link below and read the whole article yourself.

Here’s the list of propaganda steps listed in the Sea Notes from 30 March 2010.

Start with Cuddly animals and then show how the bad humans are destroying them.

  • The starting point, as always, is the animals: Wading birds like flamingos, spoonbills and ibis, whose wetland habitats will be affected by rising seas
  • A vibrant living coral reef, endangered as carbon pollution alters ocean chemistry in ways that make it more difficult for corals and other animals to grow skeletons.
  • There are jellies that can’t tolerate rising ocean temperatures,

Next, add humor:

  • A cheery young woman talks with visitors from inside a washing machine, etc. (Shows how you can save the planet by washing your clothes in cold water.)
  • Show a cow with a gas mask (since taken down due to outrage from visitors) with the phrase “Buurp! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but what the world needs now is less methane- and that means fewer cows.? (This really pissed off the dairy farmers in the area”

Tie in religion and feelings

  • There are places for people to share their feelings and stories:
  • How their faith calls them to stewardship of the planet

Sneak in some political twists

  • opportunity to ask their senators to support legislation that addresses global climate change.

Who ever sold this idea to the heads of the aquarium should be fired. This has done nothing but piss people off to no end. They ended up having to shut off the comments on the web page due to so many derogatory comments being made, and people saying they would never come back again due to this.

Monterey Bay Herald article

There was even a facebook group set up with over 4500 people called

“people avoiding monterey bay aquarium until they take the cow down!”

Side Note of Humor:

Remember those ELF Eco-Terrorists that burn SUVs and the like in the name of the environment? Well, heres a note from the MBA Sea Notes. I’m taking it out of context, but it is humorous in a “conspiracy” kind of mentality.

“There are opportunities to “Elf Yourself” into a video displaying simple low-carbon conservation actions, from riding a bike more often to keeping car tires inflated for better mileage.”

Not that the Greenie Alarmists won’t come up with some new “the world is going to end because……” theme.

But “The world is going to end because the poles are melting and we’re all going to drown and those poor cuddly polar bears are gonna die” theme is pretty much debunked. At least for the moment.

Arctic Sea Ice extent AND Sea Ice area are both at normal 1979-2010 averaged levels. This may be temporary, this may be permanent (the Antarctic has been above normal for quite some time already). Who knows? But, is it too much to hope for that the damn climate zealots might shut up for a while? I know, I know, it’s probably too much to ask for.

Sea Ice Area April 29th 2010

Arctic Sea ice extent

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

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