One of the perks of working for Apple is the occasional travel. I ended up going to Israel for a week. We went over to do some systems moves in a data center we have there. Most of the time was spent in Haifa, in the northern half of the country. Haifa was a beautiful area. It reminded me a lot of the central coast of California, but on the Mediterranean.

When I took this picture there was a bit of an overcast. But it was very pretty from on top of the hill where my hotel was. The people I met were really friendly. Even thought I don’t speak Hebrew, most of the locals had at least some English ability. So, that made life a lot easier.

Overlooking Haifa, Israel

Sunset over the Med


One of our local people took us all out for lunch while we were there. I definitely recommend having the local person choose the lunch spot. We would never have had this awesome experience with him showing us. It’s a little hole in the wall place that was amazing.

Lunch in Haifa

On our last day in Israel we had the opportunity to go sight seeing. So, the five of us chipped in and set up a private tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Something I didn’t ever really expect to see. I’m not a religious person, so seeing where Christ was arrested, tried, crucified, and resurrected, weren’t on my bucket list. But, guess what? I saw all of those places that day. And then some.

Overlooking old Jerusalem from Mt Olive. Next to where Jesus was arrested by the Romans.


The Church of Agony was built next to the Olive Garden where Jesus was arrested.


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The church built over the place Jesus was resurrected



What’s funny is that the church is run by 6 different Denominations that cannot get along. It’s so bad that there is something called the “Immovable Ladder“. Basically a ladder that has been leaning against the wall for over 200 years because they can’t agree to move it. Seriously.

The Immovable Ladder


The Wailing Wall

And of course, while in Israel we checked out the Dead Sea. The lowest place on earth. 400+ meters below sea level. And guess what? There was a bar there. The lowest bar in the world. So of course we had to have a beer. 🙂


Just a picture I really liked from the trip