Today is Saint Paddy’s day, 2016. I’m alive, my kids are alive and doing well. That actually means more than 99.99% of the people reading this know.

We live in New Mexico. Life is okay. Nora and Morgen are now going to a school they like. Data charter school. The Data stands for Digital Arts and Technology Academy. They are doing okay there. Unfortunately they take after me. Smart enough that school is boring, not smart enough to do the homework. 🙂 I’m curious if their ACT exams will be like mine. I scored in the bottom 25% for grades, and in the top 98% for test scores of those heading for college. Sounds like my kiddos.


My work at Sandia Labs is okay. As hard as I try I don’t seem to fit in. I am trying. Hopefully, someday, I’ll fit in.

I have my Harley that my buddy Paul built, which I am riding as much as possible. I’m planning a 2000+ mile adventure with my brother in law/friend Thomas at the end of May. Life on the mountain is as good as it can be.

Megan closed her pinky finger in the closet and shattered the bone of her right hand. Shattered, as in pieces. So, she’s slowly healing. We laughed that if it had been just a hair worse they would have had to amputate. Which means that for the rest of her life she could have claimed a run in with the Yakuza.

Maybe I’ll be more attentive to this site. Maybe not. It’s hard to update this when I end up deleting 90% of what I write. I think that I’m okay with my divorce, then I say something about my ex, while true, isn’t for public consumption. So, forgive me, sometimes it’s easier to just not say anything than what I actually think. It’s very difficult to write sometimes. Even when life is calm. As in the eye of a a storm. I know it’s about to hit the fan again before I’m ready.

Enough for the moment.