I’ve tried for two days now and my educated opinion of Steams Oculus Rift support is Excrement! Large stinking piles of excrement. Heck, it’s so bad it makes excrement seem good.

So. On to other things that actually do work.

Quick reasoning why I am so disgusted.

  1. Install steam.
  2. Install steamVR
  3. Download several “VR” aware games
  4. Modify a bunch of hidden options according to web pages.
  5. Fire up games. Nothing goes to the Oculus.
  6. Try a bunch of setting. Search internet. Again nothing goes to the Oculus.
  7. On every reboot. F$%#@ steam starts up and demands to connect to my account.
  8. Try games again. Again  nothing.
  9. Uninstall the whole fricken thing.
  10. Move on to things that work.