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Last week while I was getting ready to head for Seattle, at about 9:30pm Wednesday, Gandalf starts going nuts out front. Running into the fence like he’s after something. Megan and I go out to see what’s going on and stand there in the dark looking out. Suddenly we hear the cat yowl and something fighting in the bushes. Lasted 2-3 seconds. Crap! Something went for the cat. Gandalf looks at us like “I tried to tell you” turns and walks back into the house. Megan and I grab our phones because we can’t find the flashlight. We’re wandering around in the dark hoping the cat made it up into a tree or something. Megan is about 15 feet farther into the bushes than I am when something growls at her, deep and low. I turn, yell “I don’t $@#$# think so!” and go tearing after whatever growled at my daughter. Whatever it was, thankfully, took off running. We figure it took the cat when it ran off because it is gone. Poor thing. It was a really nice cat too. Anyhow. After looking around some more we came across these prints. Good thing I didn’t see them before I went after it. I still would have, but I would have been a bit more worried.

The footprints we found outside our house in Tijeras, NM

The footprints we found outside our house in Tijeras, NM

So. On the upside, if there is one with having your cat killed and eaten by a fricken wolf/coyote. Is a few days ago I found a bird in our sun porch in the morning. Every morning I open the slider to the house and the slider out to the yard so that Gandalf can wander in and out during the day while I’m at work. Well, the last few mornings I would go out to open the door and a bird would be stuck in there and doing hot laps around the sun room until I opened the outer door and then it was out like a shot. This happened three mornings in a row. Okay. Somethings up. So I went poking around and in the upper corner by the garage I see a bird nest.

A birds nest up in the sun porch

A birds nest up in the sun porch

Uh Oh. Need to check it and see if I can kick them out before they lay their eggs. I climb on a chair and reach up with my phone to take a picture. I found this.

Birds nest with three eggs

Three little eggs

So. Since it is too late to kick the birds out of my sun porch I’m going to make the best of it and set up a web camera with a live internet feed. So watch for BirdCam2015 to be live streaming from Tijeras New Mexico soon.


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