The nights are starting to get colder here in New Mexico. Chatting with the locals down at the feed store, yep we have a feed store, the hardware store, and the post office, they all agree that we should have had snow by now. It’s going to be an unusual year is the consensus.

I fired up the pellet stove for a few hours last night. Let it burn while I was reading a book then I watched a silly show on Netflix. What is hard to see in this picture of our family room is that the sliding door goes out into a sun room that gets 20+ degrees warmer by the end of the day than the rest of the house. It’s a big green house basically. It was built with 3×55 gallon drums of water, bricks, and other heat sinks so that they absorb the warmth during the day and slowly release it back at night. I’m curious how much difference it will make as the winter temps arrive.


2014-10-26 08.48.09

Living in Tijeras is going to be okay I think. It’ll be interesting to see how well we can get up and down the mountain pass when the snow starts flying.