Well, it has been a week now that I have been on the new Minimed 530G pump with the Enlite continuous glucose monitoring system, or CGM.

A few notes so far. I have found that I poke my finger and take my blood sugars nearly as much as I did without the CGM system. The CGM is nice, but can be wildly inaccurate. For example. I poked my finger because it felt like I was getting a low blood sugar, yet the sensor was saying 105. (Normal for a non diabetic is 80-120). Well, sensor 105, blood sugar test 78.  Another night sensor complained of a high of 241. Took my blood sugar, 304.

Also, and this is probably just psychological. The sensor looks disturbingly like a very large tick attached to my belly and taped down.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be able to just look and see where my blood sugars have been trending. But, dang can it be a bit more accurate please? I have discovered that my biggest sugar issues are at night. I’ve been bouncing into the 200-300’s almost every night. Not good for my long term.

FYI. The new pump and sensor set up cost my insurance company $9,400 and change. The new pump was $7k+ just by itself. 4 year warranty and I’m supposed to buy a new one. FYI. The technology is from the 90’s. Gee, it can talk to a sensor though! That’s got to be worth a couple of grand right? Bullshit. My $350 phone talks to my car to my computer to my earpiece to google, the internet, wifi, Bluetooth, gps satellites, and a myriad of other things. For 1/20th the price. . It’s a damn simple pump system with very very rudimentary electronics.  The display is straight out of 90’s pager. I know,  I had a pager with the same display then.

Here is the $100 pager

Old pager

Old pager

versus the $7400 pump

The Minimed 530G insulin pump with the transmitter.

The Minimed 530G insulin pump with the transmitter.

Well, the good news is that I’ll be using the sensor during SEMA in Vegas in a few weeks. My cousin Paul will have a more difficult time killing me off with Yard Long Margaritas.   🙂

So, I’m done complaining for now. It’s a hell of a lot better than taking shots all the time. I was up to 8 a day at one point. Now I insert a tiny plastic needle once every three days for the pump and once every six days for the sensor. Much better hand half a dozen plus shots a day. And much better control.

Now, make the damn thing better and less expensive.