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Well, after living in a hotel for almost two weeks we have found a house and are starting to move in. We looked at a lot of cookie cutter type suburban houses in Rio Rancho, Ventana Ranch, etc. The schools there are pretty decent, but huge. 2000+ students each.

Then I ran across a house up in the Sandia Mountains only 20 minutes from my work on Kirtland Airforce base. It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house on 4.7 acres with a 1000+ shop. Woot woot!

Our new house

The little well in the front is a mock up of an old style well, covering the actual well for the house. Kind of a neat idea really.

In all reality the house is way bigger than we needed, but the price was decent and affordable. The environment was one that the girls and I enjoy. We’re not really city folk. We can pretend, but sometimes the redneck in us slips out. I like living in an area where the neighbors wave at each other and you get to know the folks at the local market by name.

While only 20 minutes from downtown Albuquerque, we are also only 20 minutes or so from the Sandia Peak Ski area. My one main concern was internet access. That’s a must have for this family. Well, I’m updating this page on a 50Mb/s link. Twice as fast as what I had in Monterey California.

As for schools. Well, that’s a bit of an issue right now. There is an awesome charter school here in Tijeras. It has 368 students right now in 9-12 grades. Very small. Last years graduating class had 80% of it’s students go on to a 4 year college or university. Of those, 90% had partial or full scholarships. The downside is that the girls cannot get in until January. Which means either one of the schools in downtown Albuquerque, or an online virtual academy. We are working out those details.

Where we live


We just can’t seem to stay focused on the drive. We detoured again. This time to see the Arizona Meteor Crater. Impact Crater?




We drove an extra 120 miles to see the Grand Canyon. A 3 hour detour and a $25 fee. We drove in, parked, grabbed Gandalf and walked to the overlook. Took a look around, grabbed some pictures, and left to go get lunch.

And That is how we roll. We came, we saw, we left. 🙂

I must admit it was pretty.




We stooped in a small town between Flagstaff and Kingman Arizona that claims it is the beginning of the famous Route 66. Lots of souvenir shops.




Gandalf taking a break from the car ride. We are stopping every hour or two for leg stretching and potty breaks. No hurry on this trip.

Well, today is our last day in Monterey. Tomorrow morning we hit the road for Albuquerque. It has been a busy day of packing, cleaning, dump runs, etc.

On a spooky note. My blood sugars have crashed 4 times today. Under 60 is a crash for me. I guess the combination of little sleep, being sick, stressed, and trying to handle all the moving logistics is a bit much. Tomorrow shall be much easier.

Trying to decide if we will take an extra two hours on our 14+ hour drive to cut through Death Valley. That way we can say we have been there, done that. See how tomorrow goes and play it by ear.


Our last “Pie and coffee” at Denny’s in Monterey. Nora had hot cocoa, Molly an apple pie milkshake, and I had coffee.

Well. It’s been an interesting 5 1/2 years in Pacific Grove California. But, the time has come for us to lift our feet and move on. I have accepted a position at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque New Mexico. We are going to give living in the high desert a try.

Let the adventures continue. It’s time to fly!


I just thought I would put up a picture of M with their green mermaid hair in front of one of the satellite dishes at work. I just like the picture.


Molly of the green hair.

M of the green hair.

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