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wpid-img_20140618_225312_548.jpgI was sitting at the Bulldog Pub in Monterey when I looked up and saw this bottle of booze on the shelf. Flashback to working on the 9th fastest computer in the world, in 2005. Kraken. An IBM Power4 cluster we built at Navo, Stennis Space Center. That was a fun project.

I kept that beast up and running as Hurricane Katrina went overhead. Wild ride.


Well, I bounced up to Seattle last weekend for a friends 40th birthday. While I was up there I had a chance to get a tour of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (It’s where my friend works). Talk about a neat place. There are two huge buildings with a nice courtyard in between. 6 floors each. Each floor has a coffee/break room that would make a Starbucks jealous.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


While I was visiting the Co-Chairs were in the building. I didn’t see them directly because they were in a meeting and the office was closed off, but I saw them from next door siting around a big conference table. I’m very impressed with what the foundation has been doing. Talking with someone who actually works there and knows the challenges and goals (albeit from a limited perspective) really gives a person a different view of what’s going on.


While up in Seattle it rained every day I was there (only 4 this trip). However, it makes things so green and different that I’m used to in California. Here’s a picture of the road in front of my friends house. Houses, street, trees, bushes, GREEN things everywhere.

Normal Street in Washington

Normal Street in Washington

I know a lot of places raze the ground to dirt, then build houses. It’s not like that where I grew up. You clear enough land for the house and leave the trees, bushes, etc, where they were. I like that style.


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