Over the years I have come to dislike flying. It’s not the flying that is troublesome, it’s the traffic, the parking fees, the security lines, and miscellaneous hassles that surround the travel. The plane flight itself is pretty cool.

The idea of getting on a plane, and then a few short hours later stepping off hundreds or thousands of miles away. That, is still amazing.

Today I followed a group of Japanese through security. When their feet hit the ground again it will be a third of the way around the world in Japan. I then passed a plane boarding for Heathrow, London, a third of the way around the planet, the other direction. One plane takes you to the far east, another to Europe. Mine just up the coast. All within walking distance of each other. I can literally walk to the far corners of the world from where I sit.

I hope that I never completely lose the thrill and wonder of travel by air.