Cathy made a comment today about how long it has been since I posted anything. She has a point . I haven’t posted much. As some know, the last year or so of my life has been a very interesting one. Today however is a good day.

Gandalf and I are chillin on the porch. It is a lazy Saturday morning. It’s a typical foggy/cloudy Pacific Grove day. The high will be a  scorching 68 or so degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ve spent my morning so far chatting with my friend Marc about his new job down in L.A., with another friend about her plumbing, the girls about everything including being followers of God, on facebook. If your religious, don’t take offense,  or if you do, skip the next few sentences. There is a person that set up a facebook profile called God. He’s pretty darn funny. Posts a lot of hate mail he receives. Has someone photoshop two animals together, or modifies one and calls it “A new creation, what shall we name it?”. It’s pretty funny stuff. So, I follow him on facebook.

The girls are all well. Driving their father crazy. Megan is now working at the local ice cream parlor in P.G. Molly and Nora finish up school this week and may take some classes at the local college over the summer. Not bad for being only 15. I hear Roberta is doing okay. I try not to have much interaction with her. Better for everyone that way.

Well. That’s about a cup of coffee on the porch worth of updates. It’s better than I’ve done in quite some time.

Cheers world.