It’s funny. When life is pretty normal, read as unstressed, I do a lot of posting. However, the more stressed life has been the less I tend to post. I find it hard to post about the simple things in life when life is going through a difficult phase.

So, some of the normal things in life. I’m playing with a GoPro Hero3+ camera now. After the SEMA conference I received a $100 off certificate. Basically 1/3 off. So I stepped up and bought myself a toy. I haven’t done a lot with it yet. I discovered that mounting it on the fairing of the motorcycle induced too much shake for a good video. So now it’s mounted on the top of my helmet. It looks like I have a periscope on my head, but it’s amazing how well your neck works as a shock absorber.

As you can see by a prior post, I’m working on a 1969 Triumph. It’s not actually mine yet, but it will be. It should be a fun little project for the girls and I.

Roberta and I’s divorce is nearly completed. Talk about a lot of work. Getting divorced in California begins as a nightmare and gets worse. But, I successfully worked through the dozens of forms, filings, etc and finished it without needing to hire a lawyer to fill things out. It was close, but it looks to be completed.

Megan is back to living with us. She spent the last 5 months living with my parents down in the southern tip of Texas.

Molly, Nora, Megan, and I are all still living in the same house in Pacific Grove California. It’s a nice place to live.