Anyone who is crazy enough to check this site every few months has probably noticed that I’ve almost completely stopped posting over the last year and am only now starting up again.

The reason is that I doubt people want to hear me complain and whine  about how crappy life can be. Over the last year a lot has happened in our lives, and almost all of it bad. I don’t wish to post about things like that. I know there was a lot of little good things too, but when all you can see and feel is an overwhelming depressive haze, well, blogging about that is foolish.

So, since life hasn’t killed me yet, at the suggestion of my eldest, I am going to try and start putting things on this website again. The simple day to day things no one but me and mine really care about. It’s a start though. And frankly that’s what this web site is for. It was a place for family to come see what was happening in our lives, since we are scattered all over the country, and I started this before facebook, myspace, twitter, or any of the other sites came about. Yes, this we page is over 10 years old now. Damn.

So, before anyone asks. Roberta is still alive and doing okay. She’s living on her own a few miles away. She has a nice little place right off Cannery Row and within walking distance of her work. She still works part time. It’s hard for her, but she is still doing it.  I’m not real sure how she is doing cancer wise. She’s still kicking though.

Megan is trying to figure out her life. She’s not doing too well and I’m worried as hell about her, but she’s 18 now and I can’t do anything but hope she figures herself out before falling too far.

Molly is doing well. She’s our little Buddhist minded child. She just doesn’t let things get to her. It’s really strange having a Red headed daughter with a mild manner.

Nora on the other hand is making up for Molly. That child has a temper! Woo buddy. A broken door frame, several times, crashes and bangs and dents in the walls. Welcome to the life of a teenager.

As for me. Well, I’m gettin on. Work is work, I’m looking at moving myself and the Girls to Albuquerque to take a job at Sandia National Labs. I haven’t accepted yet, but it looks like fun and it is a really good offer. What Megan and Roberta are going to do if we do move is up in the air. They may move down or stay here. I can’t predict that right now.

So, that’s where it’s at. Now, back to the show called life.