As Molly put it the other day, “It’s starting to get boring always being in the shallow end of the pool”.  Her reference to how mild life in Pacific Grove is. It’s hard to think about leaving here. It has been a nice place to live. Butterflies, ocean, beaches, small town living. I like living in a small town. It’s been a good place for the girls.

Molly and Nora on the Pier

So, why would we think about leaving here? Let us just say that things are not all they appear to be in this happy little community or within our family.

I currently have a standing offer at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque New Mexico. It’s a chance to move back into the realm of the big boys. I’ve already been told if I take the job that I will most likely be working on the integration of Sandia systems to Sequoia. only the fastest computer in the world last year, it’s 4th fastest now.  Plus the current systems at Sandia and the big buys coming down the line. Like I said, back onto the porch with the big dogs.

Moving to Albuquerque would lower our cost of living by about 35% while I would only be taking a 10% pay cut. A new place. A new adventure. It is tempting, very tempting.

Check back in a few months and see if we’re still posting about Pacific Grove or if we’re posting about Albuquerque. That’ll be a good way to tell if we accepted the job or not. 🙂


Sandia National Labs