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I was poking through some pictures earlier today and saw a set of pictures that really shows how much time we have lived in Pacific Grove, CA.


The first picture is from around 2007, from before we moved to Scotland.

Nora at the Pacific Grove car show.


This second picture is from last year, in front of the same car. A little bit of a difference.

Molly and Nora at the Pacific Grove car show in 2012


We’ve lived here longer than we have lived anywhere else. It’s been a fun ride.



The girls and I took Gandalf down for his first “big crowd” event on Saturday. It was the Pacific Grove Good Ole Days fair and parade. He was pretty wound up at first, pulling on his leash and wanting to go ten different directions at once. However, after a bit he settled down and we all had a good time.

Molly walked with the AFRP, Animal Friends Rescue Project, during the parade. She had a little dog with her that was up for adoption. We didn’t bring Gandalf down until later in the day. When we did get down there he received so much attention it was nuts.

He got treats and belly rubs galore.

Gandalf relaxing with Nora, Molly, and Vianna.

We sat and relaxed in front of the PG Framing shop. The owner came out and took Gandalf inside for treats. Talk about one spoiled pup.

Gandalf getting some random love

Here the big softie is getting attention from some girls that were there. This was a pretty normal scene. So much for the big scary Pit Bull image.

I have a friend that is currently walking the Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James.  He’s planning on the trip taking roughly 6 weeks start to finish and he’s blogging enroute. Check out his progress at

There was a movie made about the Camino de Santiago, produced by Emelio Estevez, and starring Martin Sheen. Here’s a link to the official trailer. The Way. I originally saw this on Netflix, definitely worth watching, at least I thought so.

The various routes of el Camino de Santiago

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