I was invited to give another talk this week. This time it was at the Dell executive briefing center in Santa Clara, CA. It was a one day HPC workshop entitled “Enabling Discovery and Product Innovation with Dell HPC Solutions!

It turned out to be a pretty decent workshop. I attended the HPC Advisory Council workshop at Stanford a month or so ago and it was pretty dry. Most of the talks were technically overdone and filled with way to much detail. Not all of the talks mind you, some were really good, but a lot were snoozers. So, with that in mind I figured, heck, the talk I gave a Supercomputing and also at the DellXL consortium get together would go over pretty good.

Well, the first two talks at the Dell workshop were excellent. The first was about creating a gene sequencing cluster that fit in a single rack. The purpose was to make a  sequencing process easier and more efficient. A really interesting talk. The second talk was by a gentleman by the name of Brad at California State University San Francisco. His talk was about their two year project sequencing 100,000+ people with the help of Kaiser medical. Very very interesting stuff.

Thank goodness the next talk was fairly dry and technical. Otherwise I would have been screwed. (-:

My talk, “Mission Critical Global Weather Modeling” (not too exciting I know) went over pretty well. It sounds like they are going to make our talks available online (they didn’t video the talks this time, so it’ll just be the powerpoint), so I might make a link when they do put them up. Link to agenda.

It’s interesting giving talks in front of peers. Even when some of those peers are professors from Lawrence Berkley National Labs, Stanford, Lawrence Livermore National labs, etc. No stress. (-:

Anyhow, that’s what I did yesterday. It was a good time, I learned a lot and now have more contacts of people doing what I do.