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So, as most of our friends now, after living in Alaska for almost 5 years Roberta and I know how to shoot pistols, rifles, etc. Well, we can’t let that knowledge go to waste. No matter what this damn Nanny state California thinks.

So, we’ve taken the girls up to a gun range in Watsonville to learn to shoot. Safely.

Nora learning to shoot

Nora learning to shoot


Molly learning to shoot

Molly does pretty good at shooting, but Nora, watch out. That kid is pretty darn good. She just naturally knows how to hit what she shoots at. In the picture above she would ask what to shoot for, hands, buttons, nose, and I’ll tell her which and she’d hit it. I think she missed once.

We had the girls shoot both revolvers and semi-auto’s.  Starting with .22’s, then a .38 and finally a few rounds through the Smith & Wesson .40 Caliber. The .40 Cal is definitely too big for them to shoot comfortably, but we wanted them to at least know they could shoot it and know what the kick felt like.

For her birthday Nora wanted a target pistol. We haven’t picked one up for her yet. But if she continues to enjoy shooting as much as she does we will probably pick up a target .22 caliber semi-auto for her to plink with.

Oh, and hey California. Kiss my redneck arse. (-:

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