Megan found an old book in a free pile the other day. “The Lady’s Closet Library. The Marys; or, The beauty of female holiness” She didn’t realize when she grabbed it that it was over 170 years old. Published in 1836.

What’s fascinating is that someone else actually scanned the book into the internet archive. You can find a copy at the OpenLibrary or at the Internet Archive. Technology can be amazing. The copy she has is a bit rough, the front cover is broken, so it needs to be handled carefully. But, she can read the book via the internet. A 176 year old book, and you can hold it in your hand while reading it on the internet. Go figure. The cover of hers is a dark tan/brown color and not the blue of the one below. But it’s the same book. I wonder if the color has just faded away of the centrury and a half that its been around.

The Mary's. The beauty of female holiness

The Mary’s. The beauty of female holiness