I just heard through the grapevine that one of the contracts that was let out last year ended up with a company “owned” by a woman, minority, disabled vet. All the boxes tick’t for a government contract.

So, where’s the downside?

When this new contracting company sent out a welcoming committee to the team (about 10 people on the team) the first point they made was “Everyone here is replaceable.” Then proceeded to tell them there would be a 10% pay cut across the board and benefits would cost 4x as much. Seriously.

Needless to say the first thing everyone said, en mass, was bugger off. Turns out they backed off of the 10% pay cut and made it a bit better on the benefits. Not a great deal better, but a bit. Then this company proceeded to screw up by the numbers for a year. The way the contracts with the Navy are let is a 1 year contract with 1 year extensions. So, everyone was breathing a sigh of relief when the year came up and they could get a new contractor on board. Ya, not.

Seems that not enough documents were kept on how poorly this company was doing. Said company filed a complaint that they were being replaced, and since all the documents weren’t in place, they won. So, the poor bastards on site are now stuck with this company for another year.

What a bloody nightmare.

FYI. My contract is up in February and it sounds like they are going out for “open” competition. Oh joy. Oh resume time.