Well, I’m going through the process of bringing the Bright Cluster Manager provisioning/management tool online with one of our test and developement clusters when I ran across a problem trying to create VMware instances. The solution is stupidly simple, once you know what it is. The problem was that during the Bright provisioning the hard drive wasn’t being properly seen, so the install would fail.

So, the scenario is this. We have multiple Dell R710 ESXi 5 servers that I need to add vm’s to using Bright Cluster Manager 6.0. I created the VM instances using vcenter like I would normally, set up the hard disk as a 140GB thin provision drive, created dual network adapters with the first being an e1000 (I’m paranoid about needing VMware tools installed on the first adaper). I grabbed the MAC address off of this and put it in bright as a new node with the other misc information. Kicked off the boot process and everything looked good up until the point where the drive should have been partitioned. At this point it barfed with a “Cannot find hda, sda, xxx” error. Scratched my head, tried multiple options without any luck.

Then Justin checked the SCSI controller options on the VM settings, and voila! The default is VMware Paravirtual. Which just wouldn’t work. Changed that single setting to LSI Logic SAS and like magic everything worked like a champ.

So, note to all you out there (like maybe 3 people in the world) trying to use Bright to create VM instances. Set the SCSI adapter to LSI Logic SAS.