Well, last weekend was a weekend of projects and I thought this weekend would be similar. However, it seems that it will not be so. My day started with a 3:28 AM phone call from work. Systems are broken come in. Finally get home and back to bed around 6am and up at 10:30. Needless to say I’m a tad bit punchy today. (-;

I cleaned out a bunch of junk in the mud porch and made a dump run. Then on the way home I stopped by work and cleaned out most of my stuff from my office. Turns out I’m getting moved out of the office I’m in, sharing with Serge, and moving into what has been historically a 2 person office with 3 other contractors. So, there will be 4 people/contractors/sardines sharing that space. It’s going to make things interesting to say the least.

Thus my desire to clear out my stuff from FNMOC. About the only way you can tell I’m even in the office I’m in now is that I still have my Keureg coffee maker in there, other than that it could be a temp office. I’ve removed all items of personal value. Nothing left but some books, computer monitors, and junk.

After cleaning out the office I leave work, get home and start putting the misc from my office away when, ring ring. It’s work again. They rebooted a watch floor workstation and it didn’t come back to life. So now I have to go back to work again.

So much for getting projects done today. Oh well. At least my office is cleaned out. It feels kind of uplifting to purge my existence from there.