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I’ve made my reservations for Supercomputing 2012, also known as in my household as Nerdfest 2012.

I’m also going to be taking Megan again this year. This will be her second year of attendance. I’m afraid it might turn into something of an annual trip for us. ūüôā

A friend of a friend who works for Altair is hooking Meg up with an exhibitor pass for free (Normally $100) to save us a bit. We chatted about getting her the Technical Program pass ($150 for students) but none of the talks really jumped out at her. I don’t blame her. I didn’t get the tech pass either. I don’t find PhD wanna be’s spouting theoretical garbage interesting any more. Which, sadly the tech program has become. It’s pretty useless for people who actually build and maintain the systems, and at a cost of $575 it’s really not worth it. Oh well.

So, we’re flying out on Saturday from Monterey. No driving 85 miles to San Jose, or 110 to Oakland. Nope, 10 miles is all we need to worry about. Woot!! And, it only cost an extra $40 to fly out locally. Save that just on gas by not needing to drive to San Jose and back.

It’s going to be nice seeing some of my friends and co-workers I haven’t seen in ages. Some of whom have scattered to the far reaches of the world. Guy Robinson is in Perth Australia now working on the Square Kilometer Array pathfinder project. Cool project that. John’s in Texas, Christine’s in Mississippi, not sure who’s coming down from Alaska, but can’t wait to see them. Hoping Hank makes it over from DC. It’s going to be a gathering of nerds from all over the place.

Megan and I will be staying just a block or so away from the Convention Center at a place called The Peery Hotel. Looks like an interesting place to stay.



It seems I have bricked my Nook. I was tired of playing around with cyanogenmod 7 and thought I would try Icecream Sandwich again, or cyanogenmod 9. Well, I farted around for several hours trying to get things to work when I finally said, screw it. Let’s start over. So I flashed the Nook back to factory defaults, let it reboot. And Blah! Nothing. Won’t power on anymore. It’s dead as a rock. Grrrr…. That’s what I get for trying to put it back to factory defaults.

RIP ya damn thing!

There are few people in this world that I can truly say I hate. It’s an emotion that normally does more damage to the hater, than the one who is hated.

For this bitch I will make an exception and say, even though I have never met her I truly in my heart hate the bitch. It’s been 6 years, and I still hold this hatred in my heart. ¬†This is one of two Westboro¬†Baptist church members who protested the funeral of my friend SSgt John Hartman Jr. Who died in Iraq just shy of 6 years ago.

Protester at Johns Funeral

I believe in freedom of speech. But not like this. This is an excerpt of the after the protest article they posted. It runs to several pages that I won’t repeat.

The witnesses stood across the street to preach righteousness on a busy street outside the House of Baalim. They held signs proclaiming that unless America repents, it is doomed; and that we rejoice at all things that a sovereign God does, even when he takes the life of a United States Army Sgt. The evidence is not good that Staff Sgt. John Hartman, Jr. is in heaven. Mr. Hartman and the wife of his youth (Mal. 2:14-15) were divorced. The Lord God of Eternity hates putting away in this manner (Mal. 2:16). Maybe the sign mentioned earlier should have read: “Love Your Wife Before God in Spirit and in Truth and Divorce Her Not Because Your Soul Will be in Everlasting Jeopardy.” The newspaper speaks of his reveling and drunken behavior at times (Gal 5:21). The newspaper shows Mr. Hartman proudly posing before a large weapons cache. (

Pr 16:19) Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. Jas 4:6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Mr. Hartman was also a member apparently in good standing of the Catholic church. Such is a strong testimony against him. Say for argument purposes that the Everlasting God (Gen 21:33) had compassion on Staff Sgt. John Hartman, Jr., and gave him saving grace while he was a dying, Staff Sgt. John Hartman, Jr. would have no quarrel with the witnesses outside his service begging the degenerate populace and his family to repent of their evil and sinful ways so as to avoid the caverns of hell. If the LORD GOD had delivered Staff Sgt. John Hartman, Jr. into the hands of the witnesses to save or to destroy, the witnesses would have treated him well. The LORD GOD controls all things and delivered Staff Sgt. John Hartman, Jr. to his death. That is a fact. The LORD GOD doeth all things well (Mark 7:37).

That’s bad enough, but nothing compared to the flyer they posted before his funeral. Here’s the first part.

Thank God for IEDs

(Improvised Explosive Devices)

God Himself Has Now Become America’s Terrorist, Killing

and Maiming American Troops in Strange Lands for Fag Sins.

WBC will picket Funeral of Army Staff Sgt. John L.

Hartman Jr. at 3:15 p.m., Fri., Dec. 15 at St. Joseph

Catholic Church, 3100 26th West, Bradenton, Florida.

Ya, even after all these years I still hold hatred in my heart.


Well, I’m going through the process of bringing the Bright Cluster Manager provisioning/management tool online with one of our test and developement clusters when I ran across a problem trying to create VMware¬†instances. The solution is¬†stupidly simple, once you know what it is. The problem was that during the Bright provisioning the hard drive wasn’t being properly seen, so the install would fail.

So, the scenario¬†is this. We have multiple Dell R710¬†ESXi¬†5 servers that I need to add vm’s¬†to using Bright Cluster Manager 6.0. I created the VM instances using vcenter like I would normally, set up the hard disk as a 140GB thin provision drive, created dual network adapters with the first being an¬†e1000 (I’m paranoid about needing¬†VMware tools installed on the first adaper). I grabbed the MAC address off of this and put it in bright as a new node with the other misc information. Kicked off the boot process and everything looked good up until the point where the drive should have been partitioned. At this point it barfed¬†with a “Cannot find hda, sda, xxx” error. Scratched my head, tried multiple options without any luck.

Then Justin checked the SCSI controller options on the VM settings, and voila! The default is VMware Paravirtual. Which just wouldn’t work. Changed that single setting to LSI Logic SAS and like magic everything worked like a champ.

So, note to all you out there (like maybe 3 people in the world) trying to use Bright to create VM instances. Set the SCSI adapter to LSI Logic SAS.

Well, it looks like I’ve got another short project going. The right front fork seal on the R6 has gone bad. The last time it was the left side. What’s so strange is I do not ride this bike hard at all. It’s my fun commuter. Anyways, I took it apart tonight because the local shop finally got the parts in.

From Projects

All that for this one piece. Go figure.

From Projects

I’ll probably do an oil change while it’s apart. It’s a lot easier to do with the lower fairings off.

Last week Justin, Cameron, and I went up to the annual PBS Users Group meeting in San Jose and Justin gave an overview of what we do at FNMOC. So, if anyone is interested in what we do, here’s a video of some of it.



Well, last weekend was a weekend of projects and I thought this weekend would be similar. However, it seems that it will not be so. My day started with a 3:28 AM phone call from work. Systems are broken come in. Finally get home and back to bed around 6am and up at 10:30. Needless to say I’m a tad bit punchy today. (-;

I cleaned out a bunch of junk in the mud porch and made a dump run. Then on the way home I stopped by work and cleaned out most of my stuff from my office. Turns out I’m getting moved out of the office I’m in, sharing with Serge, and moving into what has been historically a 2 person office with 3 other contractors. So, there will be 4 people/contractors/sardines sharing that space. It’s going to make things interesting to say the least.

Thus my desire to clear out my stuff from FNMOC. About the only way you can tell I’m even¬†in the office I’m in now is that I still have my Keureg coffee maker in there, other than that it could be a temp office. I’ve removed all items of personal value. Nothing left but some books, computer monitors, and junk.

After cleaning out the office I leave work, get home and start putting the misc from my office away when, ring ring. It’s work again. They rebooted a watch floor workstation and it didn’t come back to life. So now I have to go back to work again.

So much for getting projects done today. Oh well. At least my office is cleaned out. It feels kind of uplifting to purge my existence from there.

Why not. Sometimes it’s just time. Only fate can foretell the future.

Well, this weekend was a bit of a “catch up on projects” kind of weekend.

I started by taking Megan’s 1974 Super beetle in for an oil change and tune up at M&M auto repair, about the only place around here that will work on an old bug. It was such a flash back to my childhood when Manuel, the bug guy, started tweaking and tuning the carb, timing, rpms, etc, all by ear. He’d give the throttle a quick tug, listen to how the engine responded, twist this, turn that, do it again, then rev up the engine slowly, tweak this, turn that, repeat a dozen times until satisfied. (-:

While I waited for them to finish on the bug I wandered over to home depot and picked up a programmable thermostat for the house. Our mid 60’s furnace leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s the old thermostat with a big old blob of mercury used as a switch.

From Projects

After the oil change and tune up I took Wally home and redid the front brakes because they kept squealing when cold, very annoying.

From Wally the Superbeetle

I put in new shoes and all new brake hardware.

From Wally the Superbeetle

I’m not real happy with the new brakes, they’re a bit mushy, but they don’t squeal and as things settle in and I continue to adjust hopefully the mushy feel will get better.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I broke a 1/2 inch craftsman ratchet. I haven’t tried to get it replaced yet, but here’s what I broke. I put my Blackberry phone in the picture as a reference to scale.

From Wally the Superbeetle

So, after working on the bug, replacing the thermostat, and some other odds and ends I decided to start work on the front window cover for the trailer. This is what that looks like so far. Still need to work on the arms holding it up and a lock down mechanism, but it’s getting there.¬† I’m trying to decide if I want to leave it silver or maybe paint it. Not sure yet.

From Projects

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