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Well, I’ve decided to start spending time updating my web site again. Whether people read it or not, well, that’s a different story all together. (-:

What I do know is that I am truly sick and tired of the rotten spewage of crap on Facebook. It seems that every time I check my Facebook account all I see are asinine games, people wining, the pleas for “like this or xxx”, and senseless babbling. With the occasional interesting bit thrown in now and again. But the pure noise of crap totally overwhelms most useful information. I’m not saying this website is worth reading, I’m just saying that at least I can write what I want without all the noise.

I can pretend that society has a bit of sense left and we’re not all a bunch of reality tv watching morons.


Believe it or not our cat plays the lava game. Remember way back when, when you were a small kid and you pretended the floor was lava. So you climbed across the furniture and did everything you could to avoid touching the floor? Well, we have a tiny orange tabby cat, that I swear plays the lava game. She runs across the couches, bounces over the coffee table up onto the tv stand and from there up onto the window sill. In our bedroom she jumps from the window to the bed, over to my armchair, across to the laundry basket and out the door. Without once touching the floor in our bedroom. From one side to the other, not a single step on the floor.

Well, now that a large portion of the tourists have gone home I’ve started riding my motorcycle along the beach to work in the mornings. This adds about 3-5 minutes a day to my commute. The thing is, is that we live in a very beautiful area and very seldom do we stop long enough to look around.

From Monterey Living

This is one of the views I’m talking about. This is literally right down the road from us. 5 minutes walk.

Today I left for work at a bit after 8am. It’s roughly a 9 mile drive to work and it takes about 20 minutes. I dropped down past the lighthouse, which is only 2 blocks from home,

past the deer munching away in the El Carmelo cemetery, through the PG golf course down to the beach.  This is a picture looking to the left as I go through the golf course (taking a few years ago).

I then follow the beach along past Lovers Point and over towards Cannery Row where I’ll pop up to lighthouse avenue and bring that past the Defense Language Institute, under Portola Plaza and Fisherman’s wharf, through the eucalyptus grove in front of the Naval Postgraduate School and then up to a small residential community where our compound is.
So, this is where we live. It’s also where we hide. In the last 6 months I have taken the beach route, get ready for it, twice. Yep, twice. I don’t do it on the way home because of the frustration of dealing with moronic tourists, and I just don’t think about it on the way to work in the mornings. I really need to get in the habit of going along the beach.
This morning I didn’t see any whales, but I saw fishing boats, kayakers, runners, walkers, seagulls, egrets, deer, and a sea otter down by lovers point. It’s a tad better than looking at nothing but the bumper of the car in front of you in stop and go traffic. I must admit, I do not miss that.

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