I’ve been thinking about how certain groups within US society seem to manipulate markets to make money, then let them drop. Take the Dot Com bubble and burst. Then the housing market bubble and burst. I really think the next one is going to be our medical system.

One of the red flags for me is all of the hype being surrounded, at least via advertisement, about “getting into” the health care industry. Get a nursing degree, get your physical therapy license, etc etc. We even have hospitals here in central California advertising on TV. Really? A hospital?

I think it would be interesting to see which big corps are buying up which hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. I bet if you watch it over the next few years, and look a few years into the past, you might find some cut throat behavior that has nothing to do with the best interests of the patients.

It’s so bad now, at least that I see, that Roberta’s doctors are trying to force her into using only scanning centers that are “affiliated” with their offices, even though, instead of being $200-$400 out of pocket per scan, we’d be out over $3000 per scan. I know. I owe CHOMP (Community Hospital Of the Monterey Peninsula) almost $3800 for one scan and the labs. When she explains that to them, they basically say, “well, it’s going to delay things because we don’t use them.” Hint hint, you have cancer and you better use ours or you’ll have delays, and that’s never good, right? What’s a few grand out of pocket for you when we get a better kick back by forcing you to use our “affiliated” scanning centers?

All in fun when you’re making money off of people’s lives.