Things here in Cali are still going fairly well. The girls are now in their 4th week of school. Yep, they went back that early, welcome to California. Molly and Nora find school to be boring and tedious. Looks like another bad year for homework.

Roberta is still doing okay. Having misc issue’s, but, she married me, so issues are a given. (-;

The season of tourists is almost over. Can’t wait for those buggers to leave. What is wrong with people when they go on vacation? Do they take stupid pills? “Oooh, look, a wave, lets stop in the middle of the road and watch”. Grrrrr.

It’s hard to believe that this blog started before there was facebook, even before myspace. There was no Youtube, or Google+, etc. In fact, I do believe this blog/website has been up in one various form or another for 10 years now.

Since this blog has started we’ve moved from

  1. North Pole Alaska (with a true Santa Clause house), to
  2. Two Rivers Alaska (Dog mushing capital of the world,  to
  3. Diamondhead Mississippi, to
  4. Pacific Grove California, to
  5. Newtongrange Scottland, to
  6. Pacific Grove California.

It’s sad to think that this site has seen so little action or posts in the last year. It’s competing with Facebook and Google+, both of which I have. Although Facebook pretty much blows with all it’s stupid game requests, and Google+, well, it’s just Google+.

I’ll try and be more diligent on putting things up. Just quick notes letting folks know what’s happening here in Cali.