Well, I decided to ride up to ride up to Chester, CA and meet up with my brother in law Thomas for a 2 day ride down to Lake Tahoe for a family vacation. The total trip was a bit over 1100 miles in temps up to 104 degrees and was  basically 4 days worth of riding with a break at Lake Tahoe for a few days. At times it was a grueling ride, but a ton of fun.

Here’s the total trip.

My first major stop, other than for fuel, was in Vacaville, CA where I stopped for lunch at Arby’s. I know, Arby’s, but hey, we don’t have any near by and it sounded, and was, really good.

I rode up through Lassen Volcanic National Park to Chester, CA. I stopped at an overlook to stretch and took this picture.


Met Thomas for the night, had some beers and visited.  The next moring we headed out and did some really fun canyon riding through California Gold country,  down towards Chico, back up through Quincy, over to La Porte, and into Grass Valley where we ended our day, and I ended up bying a new front tire.

Turns out that hard canyon riding is a bit tough on the front tire. (-: I had these wear spots on boths sides of the tire and spotted all the way around. In spots you could just see thread starting to pop through.

After Grass Valley we headed back up into the hills towards Truckee and then down to Lake Tahoe to meet the families.

Talk about a fun ride. I hurt like the dickens afterwards, but so fun.


After all was over with, my poor little R6 was popping a Check Engine Code 18, EXUP valve problems. It’s a back pressure valve buried at the end of the exhaust. I had lost two small fairings that attach to the gas tank, and had to replace a front tire. Thomas is going to have to replace his foot pegs, he wore them down cornering through the canyons. It was a blast.