It’s been over a month since I posted anything here. Time really flies when you’re not watching.

So, what’s happened in the last month?

The girls are all out of school, and already complaining that they are bored. They’ve switched to summer schedule also. Which means they go to bed about the time I get up for work. Night owls. One bonus is that I woke up this morning to a lunch all made up and on the counter with a note saying “Love you Dad. Here’s your lunch”.

Megan just turned 17. Wow, time does fly by. She’s still driving the bug, but we’re looking to maybe get her something with airbags. Hello, we’re parents and paranoid. (-: She’s starting college with me, today in fact. Our first Java programming class is tonight. 4 nights a week for 8 weeks. Ugh. But, it’s a requirement for other more useful programming languages.

Roberta is doing good. She’s still working part time at Sea Harvest. The cancer continues, but slowly. Knock on wood, or as our Scottish friends would say, touch wood. She’s lost more weight, and the doc’s not happy about it, so she’s trying to eat more.

I’m doing good. Let’s see, I’m all healed up from flipping my motorcycle, and the bikes all back together and better than ever. I’ve done some more minor stuff to our vintage trailer, electrical, tires, etc. I dug up a couple of sprinkler heads in the yard and replaced them. Seems the trees and gophers tore em up. When I turned on the watering system we had a couple of nice tall fountains appear in the yard. Oops. I still have a job, the contract I”m on is good until February 2013, 8 more months or so.

Well, that’s about it for now. Our current summer plans, loosely are.

Camping, MotoGP, family reunion in Tahoe, Car shoes, Bach festival, Scottish Games, Feast of Lanterns, Concourse D’elegance, Cherry’s Jubilee, SEMA, Supercomputing, Roberta’s 40th, and our 20th anniversary.

It’s going to be a happening summer.