I’ve had a couple of comments in the “WTF are you?” category. And it has been quite a while since I’ve done much with this web site. Believe it or not this web site has been around almost 10 years now. It’s been abused, ignored, updated, moved, and it just keeps going.

I can’t post any pictures right now since the cable to our old Sony camera has run away to the hinterlands some where. Which is a tad frustrating. I know, I know, we need a new camera, but there is always something that comes along that takes precedence.  On the upside, we’re still running around doing things, we’re just not documenting it very well.

So, what’s going on with us? All three girls are now teenagers with all the teen drama surrounding that. Molly and Nora are following Megan’s footsteps and attempting to fail every class they have. They just don’t fit the 1950’s mentality of Pacific Grove Middle school. Megan, since she’s been in independent study has been doing great. She got lazy so she won’t graduate a year early, but she’s on track to be done ahead of time. And since she basically started independent study almost a year behind because of all the classes she failed at the regular school means she’s doing pretty good.

Roberta has survived 2 1/2 years so far and is still kicking. She has a lot of pain at times but seems to be handling things okay. She’s still working part time at SeaHarvest and getting out and about.

We’re looking to take the trailer out soon. Probably up to the Redwoods above Santa Cruz. It’s almost totally done and I’ve ordered a hitch for the Caliber. I still need to repack the wheel bearings, put new tires on it and tie down the propane tank. Most of the rest is small cosmetic items. At some point I’ll put a water tank back in it and make the water work, but for now it’s not needed. We get quite a few comments about it from people walking by and wanting to see the inside. I guess a 1958 Shasta Corvette trailer is kind of a rare item. When I get the camera fixed or a new one I’ll post some pictures of it.

As for work. Well,on the up side I’m on a contract that’s good until February of next year. I’m now officially a cable monkey, oh I mean Systems Installation Specialist. Even though I still do all of the work as an HPC Systems Engineer and nothing else really changed. It’s just the way the contracts work. Roberta and I keep talking about moving on. We’re just watching for that right job in the right location. It’s hard to be serious about moving on when we live in such a pretty area. Expensive as hell, but pretty. One good thing about working where I work is that I do get experience on a lot of different odds and ends. I’ve been teaching myself VMware installation, configuration, tuning, etc. I doubt I’ll ever put it on my resume, because then someone might want me to actually work on the stuff, but it’s been interesting none the less.

What else? Living large on the California coast. Tourist season is starting already. Which means all the fairs, MotoGP, car shows, Bach Festival, etc etc, is coming soon.