We had a person start work where I am and I was forwarded this persons resume. 8 pages without cover letter. 8 pages? Really? I have always kept mine down to under 2 pages by deleting 80% of my experiences and training. If it’s not relevant or current why have it?

I’m one of the most fortunate underachievers in the history of mankind. I’m a college drop out with a bit of military experience. So why am I so fortunate? Here’s a brief list of the toys I’ve been allowed to build, maintain, and play with.

Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. ARSC

  • Icehawk –  117 fastest computer in the world and my first HPC toy.
  • Iceflyer – The first customer installed IBM p690 system in the country
  • Iceberg – 56th Fastest in the world when built and the biggest IBM p655 system ever built from scratch at a customer location. Also biggest Federation system ever built at the time we did it.

Naval Oceanographic Office. NAVO

  • Habu – another IBM SP system. Started at 7th fastest in the world but was down to mid 300’s when I began working on it.
  • Marcellus – IBM p690 system Started 11th fastest before I worked on it.
  • Kraken – IBM p655 system. 9th fastest in the world. Kept this baby up as Katrina went over our heads.

University of Edinburgh Advanced Computing Facility – EPCC

  • HECToR –  High End Computing Terascale Resource.  Second fastest computer in Europe when I started.  17th Fastest in the world.
  • HECToR – X2 Vector system. Only publicly accessible X2 in the world.

Temp assignment – Oak Ridge National Labs – ORNL

  • Jaguar – 7th fastest in the world at the time I worked on it. Updated to the fastest in the world.

FNMOC – Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center

  • Classified and unclassified clusters used for weather modelling and oceanographic modelling.

So, I’ve been pretty darn lucky. I always wanted to play with computers and i’ve been allowed to play with some really neat ones.  Told ya I was lucky.