The things you learn by chance.

I was going to make a comment about the interesting behaviour of a Blue Jay here at work, when I went to look up a picture on wikipedia I discovered the Blue Jay doesn’t have a natural home range in this area. Nope, no California in the green area, and there are a lot of what I thought of as Blue Jays around here.

Instead it’s a very similar bird called the Western Scrub Jay. Who knew?I sure didn’t. They look very similar to me.

The Western Scrub Jay

Blue Jay

Looking at them side by side you can tell, but, hey, they’re not side by side out in the quad area at work. (-:

Anyhow, the whole reason this began. I was walking between buildings and noticed on of the “Scrub Jays” with a peanut in it’s beak. It had found/made a hole in the grass large enough to hide the peanut in. So as I walked passed I was watching this Scrub Jay trying to work the peanut into the ground when it saw me, stopped what it was doing, (peanut buried at this point) and waited till I was about 30 feet away or so, grabbed the peanut out of the ground, moved about 5 feet over and reburied it.

I guess the silly bird was thinking that I knew where it’s stash was, so it moved it. Anyhow, I thought that was kind of cool. What’s interesting is to think about how many nuts are buried in the area. There are a lot of Scrub Jays around here. Something to think about.