Well, when we were up in Seattle visiting our friends my buddy Paul gave me a Scala Rider FM headset for my helmet.

It works pretty good for listening to the radio on my way to the office and to answer the phone if it rings on my 15 minute commute. I also have the option of using a cable to input my iPod for longer rides. I’ve only really used it to make phone calls when I first put it in the helmet, cause it’s kind of cool to ride along and chat with someone.

Anyhow, on the way to work this morning my the radio goes away and the helmet starts to beep at me. I haven’t actually had anyone call me while I was riding, at least not yet. So, I’m tooling down the road poking buttons on the helmet trying to figure out what the beeping is, saying things like “answer!” “cancel!” “Will you F’n Stop already!” etc, thinking maybe it’s a call coming in, or maybe the voice dialling is wigging out, or the battery is dying. Then I hear this voice in my head say “Good Morning, SeaHarvest”. Huh? Must have hit the right button and it answered a call coming in, “Hello Lynn, what’s up?” “What? Rich is that you?” And a confusing conversation ensues.

Turns out my F’n Crackberry unlocks the previously locked keyboard when the headset activates, and since it was in my pocket, I was hitting it on the gas tank while riding and the beeping noise in my helmet was actually me pushing buttons on the phone until it eventually pocket dialled SeaHarvest.

Technology. Some days it’s just a pain. 🙂