Did you know that our best view of pluto right now is this?

However, in July of 2015 the New Horizons probe will do a close pass of not only Pluto but it’s currently known 4 moons. Did you even know Pluto had 4 moons?

So, in just under 4 years we will finally get up close and personal views of our farthest ex-planet. To me Pluto will always be the 9th planet, and anyone who says different can bite me.

Anyhow. It’ll be interesting to see what Pluto truly looks like. And Charon, Hydra, Nix, and whatever the final name of P4 turns out to be.

Maybe like Ganymede. Smooth and ice covered.

Or maybe like Mercury. A crater covered ball.

Or maybe it’ll turn out to be nothing but a potato shaped blob like Deimos. Which would mean it really isn’t a planet. That would be a sad day.