I understand that the Seattle Times ran an article talking about how the Seattle area has warmed so much in the last few years. In fact I found this snippet in this article

At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where the city’s official weather observations are taken, the normal daily high temperature has risen for every month of the year, except October. In Seattle’s warmest month, August, the “normal” daily high rises from 75.6 degrees to 76.3.

Now, what you may find interesting is that the official temperature for the Seattle area is taken at the Seattle International Airport. You know, the place where a few years ago they added a 3rd runway.  Cliff Mass did a nice article, including pictures, of the changes to both the temperature at SeaTac compared to other weather stations locally and where the temperature sensors at SeaTac are located.

Here is a nice picture taken from Watts Up with That (which grabbed it from Chris Mass) that shows the change in temperature averages before, during, and after the 3rd runway construction.

Interesting how the temperature jumped almost 2 degrees (compared to other local temperature sensors) during the construction of the 3rd runway and then stablelized somewhat after, at the higher temps.

Oh wait, didn’t the Seattle Times tell you that??? Oh, gee, the must have just forgotten.  The Seattle Times would never push the meme of “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!”

It would be nice if institutions like the Seattle Times would stop with the bull crap and actually give a straight story without the fear mongering. Oh well.