Roberta and I ate lunch at a local place called Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe (I’d link to their home page, but it’s a overdone Flash site that I think could cause seizures, ya, that bad). Anyhow, while we were there having lunch we saw a neat old picture on the wall showing the building and street we were on from 1940.

We determined 1940 by using Google to research the movie playing at the movie house. It’s The Westerner with Gary Cooper. Released September 1940. The waitress was happy when we told her. She said people kept asking when the picture was taken and she had no idea. Now she does.

From 2011 Adventures

What I really love is the fact that the central sign says “The Pine Cone Cafe”. Growing up my grandfather used to take us to a Pine Cone in Lynwood Washington where they had the greasiest home made fries. I still remember sitting there as a child eating those fries with my Grandad. Driving there in the mid 70’s in a big old LTD style boat of a car. My grandfather using one foot for the gas and the other for the brakes. He’d go through brakes like you wouldn’t believe! I remember that, that and the smell of Cigars. Those are the memories I have of a Pine Cone Cafe.