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As a side note to my running a 5k today. It’s not been an easy task running for any length of time and keeping my blood sugars from collapsing. It’s been a trial and error process, with a lot of errors to get where I am.

To run a simple 5K I did the following routine

  • 15:30 I turn my Basal rates down to 50% of normal. (background insulin intake)
  • 16:00 Take my blood sugars. 255 mg/dl (normal is 100-120)
  • 16:15 eat a snickers bar.
  • 16:30 Start walking
  • 16:35 Start Jogging
  • 16:54 eat my first sugar tablet (not an easy thing to do when your huffing and puffing and sweating)
  • 16:58 eat my second sugar tablet (even harder to eat than the first one)
  • 17:10 stop jogging start walking
  • 17:15 finish cool down walk
  • 17:17 take blood sugars. 73 mg/dl.
  • 17:18 eat 2 sugar tablets
  • 17:30 eat another snickers bar
  • 18:00 blood sugars 162 mg/dl

I’ve been running like a gerbil for the last month or so, IE on the treadmill here at work. I set it to a slope of 1.0, 5.2mph, and jog till I’m about ready to fall over.  Well, today I made it past the 5K mark for the first time. Just over 3 miles non stop.

Not bad for a lazy, fat, old guy who sits behind a computer all day. I find my heart rate runs around 155-160 for 80% of the run and then creeps up to around 170-172 near the end.

A co-worker and I have been hitting the gym every day (or trying to). We lift weights one day, then aerobic the next, and repeat.

It’s taken me over a month to work myself up from a gasping 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, 3 minute run, repeat to a .25 mile walk, 3 mile run, .25 cool down. Now, let’s see if I can do it again, then again, then again.


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