Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing there wasn’t lightning tonight, or I’d have been hit.

It all started right before I got off of work. I came out of the gym at the office to it raining, and realizing I’d left the window of the car cracked open. Grrrr.

While driving home there was something stuck under the windshield wiper and leaving streaks. So, as I’m driving down the freeway I open the window, reach out and flick the wiper to get whatever was stuck under it out, and broke the wiper. So now I’m going down the freeway with the drivers side wiper flopping around, in the rain.

I get off the freeway and start down 68 when I see police lights snaking down ahead of me and all traffic stops. There’s been an accident somewhere on the hill in front of me. The shortest way down onto the penninsula to Pacific Grove is now to cut through Pebble Beach. 15 minutes if I don’t get lost. 20-30 minutes if I try to backtrack and go through Monterey and under DLI. So, Pebble Beach it was, thankfully I didn’t get lost.

Get home, walk in the door and Molly is RIGHT THERE saying “World of Warcraft is broken!” I set my stuff down, sit down and the computer and the Blizzard password reset is broken also and I can’t reset the password. The account won’t even let me log in anymore because it won’t accept my name and email combination. Grrrrrr.. Fight this for about 20 minutes while Roberta makes dinner.

While working on World of Warcraft the smoke detector in our room goes off. And won’t stop till I take it apart. Get a new batter, it goes off again. Won’t stop. Damn things broken it looks like. Weird.

Finally get the account fixed on World of Warcraft and Molly is once again feeding her summer addiction.

Then Roberta tells me. Apple Itunes won’t let her log in. Something about too many credit card changes. Huh?? Try to log in, it’s broken and so I’m forced to do a password reset to get back in. Thankfully this was a simple fix.

A few hours later I’m sitting and relaxing with Roberta and watching tv when all of a sudden theres a hug POP as if someone just dropped a glass. Turns out the candle holder on the TV got too hot and exploded. Thankfully it was inside of another one and so the glass stayed contained.

It’s been an interesting evening. I think I’ll just sit quietly in a corner until bed time. I’m almost afraid to touch anything or move to quickly. Sheesh.