So, I get to work today to find that once again the chiller on the roof is screwed up and draining water through the datacenter ceiling. So, what did they do to fix this? Suspended a blue tarp over all of the servers and placed buckets to catch the drips.

So, not only is my office/desk in a corner of a raised floor sharing 300+ blade servers (picture constant roaring and future hearing aids), but now I share it with 2 huge fans, ladders, mops, pieces of ceiling tile, and a flipping circus tent.

Update: Turns out that our warehouse manager has a stack of foam style earplugs. I’ve acquired half a dozen. It’s a strange sensation. You put the rolled up foam earplugs in and it’s like someone slowly turns down the roaring until it’s just a background noise. I probably look like a tool, but at least maybe today I won’t get a headache. Well, any worse than my bad attitude and grouchiness causes.