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So, I get to work today to find that once again the chiller on the roof is screwed up and draining water through the datacenter ceiling. So, what did they do to fix this? Suspended a blue tarp over all of the servers and placed buckets to catch the drips.

So, not only is my office/desk in a corner of a raised floor sharing 300+ blade servers (picture constant roaring and future hearing aids), but now I share it with 2 huge fans, ladders, mops, pieces of ceiling tile, and a flipping circus tent.

Update: Turns out that our warehouse manager has a stack of foam style earplugs. I’ve acquired half a dozen. It’s a strange sensation. You put the rolled up foam earplugs in and it’s like someone slowly turns down the roaring until it’s just a background noise. I probably look like a tool, but at least maybe today I won’t get a headache. Well, any worse than my bad attitude and grouchiness causes.

I haven’t posted much lately. Not a whole lot has been going on. Continuing to work on the trailer, ride the bike, work, and live.

Trailer is coming along, I’ve rebuilt the front shelf, painted most of the inside and outside (with Roberta doing a lot of the interior painting). We’re going with white on top, a red stripe, and black on the bottom. At some point in the past it was painted that way and we like it.

Still having a blast on the bike. We might try to ride up and meet my brother-in-law Thomas in Yosemite next week. Not sure if we’ll make it or not. It’s a really long ride to be making on an R6. 180 miles up, ride the park for a day, 180 miles back. We’ll see, maybe we’ll try.

About the best thing to say about work is that I’m still working. It’s 9:30 in the morning and I haven’t gone in yet, didn’t go in yesterday at all. I’m having issues with the whole idea of working where I work right now. After a while the soul destroying bureaucracy can get to a person. Normally it just slowly sucks away at you in a manner that you don’t even notice. Then WHAM! Holy crap! What was that? I’ve just spent a year accomplishing NOTHING but have my soul torn out.  Oh the fun. I keep telling myself  this is a good place for the girls to live, This is a good place for the girls to live.  I can work in bureaucratic purgatory to let them stay here. It’s a good place for the girls to live.

As for living life. We’re doing okay. Roberta is feeling semi decent, the girls are out of school and playing marathon World of Warcraft. I wonder if the 40+ people in Molly and Nora’s guild realize it’s being run and directed by a pair of 12 year olds? Or the raids, battle groups, etc. My little nerd girls.  Megan has her driving permit and I’m signing her up for behind the wheel training on Friday. After that, watch out world.

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