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As a side note to my running a 5k today. It’s not been an easy task running for any length of time and keeping my blood sugars from collapsing. It’s been a trial and error process, with a lot of errors to get where I am.

To run a simple 5K I did the following routine

  • 15:30 I turn my Basal rates down to 50% of normal. (background insulin intake)
  • 16:00 Take my blood sugars. 255 mg/dl (normal is 100-120)
  • 16:15 eat a snickers bar.
  • 16:30 Start walking
  • 16:35 Start Jogging
  • 16:54 eat my first sugar tablet (not an easy thing to do when your huffing and puffing and sweating)
  • 16:58 eat my second sugar tablet (even harder to eat than the first one)
  • 17:10 stop jogging start walking
  • 17:15 finish cool down walk
  • 17:17 take blood sugars. 73 mg/dl.
  • 17:18 eat 2 sugar tablets
  • 17:30 eat another snickers bar
  • 18:00 blood sugars 162 mg/dl

I’ve been running like a gerbil for the last month or so, IE on the treadmill here at work. I set it to a slope of 1.0, 5.2mph, and jog till I’m about ready to fall over.  Well, today I made it past the 5K mark for the first time. Just over 3 miles non stop.

Not bad for a lazy, fat, old guy who sits behind a computer all day. I find my heart rate runs around 155-160 for 80% of the run and then creeps up to around 170-172 near the end.

A co-worker and I have been hitting the gym every day (or trying to). We lift weights one day, then aerobic the next, and repeat.

It’s taken me over a month to work myself up from a gasping 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, 3 minute run, repeat to a .25 mile walk, 3 mile run, .25 cool down. Now, let’s see if I can do it again, then again, then again.


I lost my company cell phone today. Don’t try calling me or texting me for a couple of days until the new one arrives.

Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing there wasn’t lightning tonight, or I’d have been hit.

It all started right before I got off of work. I came out of the gym at the office to it raining, and realizing I’d left the window of the car cracked open. Grrrr.

While driving home there was something stuck under the windshield wiper and leaving streaks. So, as I’m driving down the freeway I open the window, reach out and flick the wiper to get whatever was stuck under it out, and broke the wiper. So now I’m going down the freeway with the drivers side wiper flopping around, in the rain.

I get off the freeway and start down 68 when I see police lights snaking down ahead of me and all traffic stops. There’s been an accident somewhere on the hill in front of me. The shortest way down onto the penninsula to Pacific Grove is now to cut through Pebble Beach. 15 minutes if I don’t get lost. 20-30 minutes if I try to backtrack and go through Monterey and under DLI. So, Pebble Beach it was, thankfully I didn’t get lost.

Get home, walk in the door and Molly is RIGHT THERE saying “World of Warcraft is broken!” I set my stuff down, sit down and the computer and the Blizzard password reset is broken also and I can’t reset the password. The account won’t even let me log in anymore because it won’t accept my name and email combination. Grrrrrr.. Fight this for about 20 minutes while Roberta makes dinner.

While working on World of Warcraft the smoke detector in our room goes off. And won’t stop till I take it apart. Get a new batter, it goes off again. Won’t stop. Damn things broken it looks like. Weird.

Finally get the account fixed on World of Warcraft and Molly is once again feeding her summer addiction.

Then Roberta tells me. Apple Itunes won’t let her log in. Something about too many credit card changes. Huh?? Try to log in, it’s broken and so I’m forced to do a password reset to get back in. Thankfully this was a simple fix.

A few hours later I’m sitting and relaxing with Roberta and watching tv when all of a sudden theres a hug POP as if someone just dropped a glass. Turns out the candle holder on the TV got too hot and exploded. Thankfully it was inside of another one and so the glass stayed contained.

It’s been an interesting evening. I think I’ll just sit quietly in a corner until bed time. I’m almost afraid to touch anything or move to quickly. Sheesh.


We found another 1957 Shasta Corvette Trailer online and other than it had a stove instead of the icebox, it’s the same trailer. They had done theirs out in a bright red Coca-Cola style theme. Pretty nice really. I’ll try to find the link later and add it in here.

Anyhow. Progress is being made. I’ve given the outside another round of paint and striping. On the outside it has gone from this

From Projects

To this

From Projects

We’ve disassembled all of the cabinetry and cleaned it up.

From Projects

So, slowly but surely progress is being made.

So, I get to work today to find that once again the chiller on the roof is screwed up and draining water through the datacenter ceiling. So, what did they do to fix this? Suspended a blue tarp over all of the servers and placed buckets to catch the drips.

So, not only is my office/desk in a corner of a raised floor sharing 300+ blade servers (picture constant roaring and future hearing aids), but now I share it with 2 huge fans, ladders, mops, pieces of ceiling tile, and a flipping circus tent.

Update: Turns out that our warehouse manager has a stack of foam style earplugs. I’ve acquired half a dozen. It’s a strange sensation. You put the rolled up foam earplugs in and it’s like someone slowly turns down the roaring until it’s just a background noise. I probably look like a tool, but at least maybe today I won’t get a headache. Well, any worse than my bad attitude and grouchiness causes.

I haven’t posted much lately. Not a whole lot has been going on. Continuing to work on the trailer, ride the bike, work, and live.

Trailer is coming along, I’ve rebuilt the front shelf, painted most of the inside and outside (with Roberta doing a lot of the interior painting). We’re going with white on top, a red stripe, and black on the bottom. At some point in the past it was painted that way and we like it.

Still having a blast on the bike. We might try to ride up and meet my brother-in-law Thomas in Yosemite next week. Not sure if we’ll make it or not. It’s a really long ride to be making on an R6. 180 miles up, ride the park for a day, 180 miles back. We’ll see, maybe we’ll try.

About the best thing to say about work is that I’m still working. It’s 9:30 in the morning and I haven’t gone in yet, didn’t go in yesterday at all. I’m having issues with the whole idea of working where I work right now. After a while the soul destroying bureaucracy can get to a person. Normally it just slowly sucks away at you in a manner that you don’t even notice. Then WHAM! Holy crap! What was that? I’ve just spent a year accomplishing NOTHING but have my soul torn out.  Oh the fun. I keep telling myself  this is a good place for the girls to live, This is a good place for the girls to live.  I can work in bureaucratic purgatory to let them stay here. It’s a good place for the girls to live.

As for living life. We’re doing okay. Roberta is feeling semi decent, the girls are out of school and playing marathon World of Warcraft. I wonder if the 40+ people in Molly and Nora’s guild realize it’s being run and directed by a pair of 12 year olds? Or the raids, battle groups, etc. My little nerd girls.  Megan has her driving permit and I’m signing her up for behind the wheel training on Friday. After that, watch out world.

Well, it’s been a bit slow going, but we’re making progress on the trailer. I’ve replaced the top vent
Out with the old

From Projects

and in with the new

From Projects

I’ve removed and resealed most of the windows, all of the J-molding and given the trailer a rough coat of primer and paint. I’ve cut out the rotten supports and wood and replaced with new. I’ve also pulled and replaced the bad panels with new Luaun 1/8″ panels. All of the drawers, doors, and misc have been removed, cleaned up, primed and painted.

Here’s Roberta putting some more primer and paint on the inside.

From Projects

Slowly but surely we are getting it ready to use again. Amazing that after 50+ years it’s still a usable fun little trailer. When I get home tonight I’ll try to find the pictures of the back half of the trailer peeled like an orange. I had to remove the outer skin from the back to get all the rotted wood cut out and replaced.

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