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I’m not really sure why, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Molly and Nora. Something about the “We’re going to conquer the World!” feel to the picture maybe.

From 2011 Adventures

It makes me think of the English looking up a hill and seeing the Scot’s looking back down at them just before a right nasty brawl happens.

Now I suppose I have to be nice to the damn cat. Just cause I almost killed it. How was I supposed to know it can turn it’s head around like an owl? Dog’s can’t reach the flea poison between their shoulder blades, what the heck’s with a cat?

I grab the thing, pin it down, put flea killer on it’s neck and between the shoulders, then let it run off to wherever it runs off to. I go into Meg’s room to clean out the catbox before she gets home and theres the cat on her bed, looking like Bill the Cat on a bad day. Drooling, foaming at the mouth, acking, and twitching. Oops.

Needless to say, after catching the thing, shoving it’s clawing self under the shower and washing it, it’s back, and it’s unhappy mouth out, it’s fine now. Ignore the bloody arms I have.

I’m still not sure I want to be nice to it, but it slept next to me on the bed last night. I guess it’s afraid I might try to kill it again if it’s not nice. Hmmm….

I do believe the cat has become a fan of Easter. She’s a fan of the easter grass, we had to take and throw it all away. It was the only way to keep the foolish thing from eating it.

From Family

I think the cat really became interested when someone mentioned an Easter Bunny. She’s keeping an eye out for it.

From Family

Some of my co-workers will understand the significance of this Dilbert. Welcome to working for a Government entity.

Last night Molly and Nora we’re getting restless playing on the computers so I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie with me.

So we grabbed some ice cream and sat down to watch “The Astronaut Farmer” with Billy Bob Thornton. It’s funny how such a simple thing as watching a movie with the kids can be so satisfying. It was fun. We actually watched the blooper reel and the making of afterwards.

Megan is down in Texas so she wasn’t watching it with us, but she’s having fun. We’ll do another movie night when she gets back.

It’s the little things in life that make it worth while.

The Astonaut Farmer

On Saturday we went to the Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days fair. We skipped the parade this year and just checked out the booths, music and the like. We ended up sun burnt, which we weren’t expecting. Great day for it too. Warm and sunny. One of the nice things about living in a small town is events like this. We really enjoy them.

From 2011 Adventures

Here’s Roberta taking a moment to relax.

From 2011 Adventures

Here’s Nora taking a break also.

From 2011 Adventures

It was really busy this year. Which is good for the local economy. We can really use it. Last years Good Old Days was pretty lightly visited.

From 2011 Adventures

Megan wasn’t with us because she was working for Lynn and Chuck at their booth.

Well, leave it to Megan to stress test her Droid2 cell phone. Just over 6 months old.

From 2011 Adventures

Believe it or not it still works.

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