I am so sick and tired of people crying and whining about the bloody Fukushima Nuclear plant and how we’re all “GOING TO DIEEEEEE!!!!’

I hope people end up bankrupt buying iodine tablets. Morons.

At the edge of the Fukushima site the radiation levels are (as of this writing) between 1 and 3 millirems per hour.

Reference 1: An astronaut gets about 25,000 millirems per shuttle mission. That means a trip on the shuttle is like standing next to the Fukushima plant for between 347 days to 1041 days. Or roughly 1-3 years, for every ride on the  shuttle.

Reference 2: One 150 gram banana has about .01 millirems of natural radiation. So, if you eat between 100 and 300 banana’s you get the Banana Equivalent Dose of Radiation as standing on the property of the Fukushima plant. Better stay away from the produce aisle!

Reference 3: A US worker is allowed under Federal Regulation up to 5000 millirems per year of exposure. This is considered a Safe level of exposure. (During WW2 it was 25000 millirems per year, or a Shuttle mission). 5000 millirems / 3 millirems per hour = 1667 hours of safe exposure or 70 days onsite before exceeding the Federally mandated Safe levels of exposure. Or 210 days at 1 millirem an hour.

Sure, any radiation leak is bad. But get a bloody grip already. People in the US are actually buying iodine tablets?? You realize your 5,500 miles away (in California). Right? You can’t really be so stupid as to think a small radiation leak from Japan is going to effect you. Right? Right??

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